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7 Best Home Remedies For Dog Allergies

If your dog suffers from allergies because of climatic changes, you need to use some natural remedies for curing the allergies instead of using steroids or medications. These natural remedies can fight with germs and protect dogs from allergies. Here I will share the best homemade medicines for dog allergies. 1. Apple Cider Vinegar Unfiltered

Homemade pregnancy test

Even Though we live in robotics era, there are some things which are inevitable. One of them is motherhood. It is a hike in women life. There are ample of methods up to date to confirm one’s pregnancy. But the homemade pregnancy tests are still in peak among women. This kind of DIY [do it

Home remedies for white hair

If you see white hair it’s really irritating know. When others see your white hair they will make fun of you. Do you want to come across all those things. Here are some best home remedies to get rid of white hairs. Friends do it right now without any fear. You don’t have any side

How to remove Earwax at home

Ears which plays very important role to make our communication better with others. So keeping our ears very clean is more needy thing. But most of the time, people fails in the way of giving some special care for their ears. About Ear Wax The production of earwax is natural in our body which also

Simple steps to clean Dyson Vacuum

Vacuums are used to keep your home clean but don’t forget to clean your vacuum. The vacuum needs at least a clean once in six months. If you are using Dyson vacuum here is some easy steps to clean the vacuum.   Things required for clean Dyson vacuum: Washcloth Dish soap Disinfecting wipes Scissors SEE

Best Organic Baby Formula 2017

Breastfeeding is essential for every baby until they attain certain stage. Babies need more protein and vitamins more than breastfeeding. So, every mom wants more nutrients for babies, but they are scared of choosing organic formula for their babies. Baby needs breastfeeding at least for 1 year. It should be healthy, organic and non-toxic. This

Home Remedies for cough and cold

What is Cough? A cough is one of the most common problems in human. Coughing occurs due to viral infection, common cold, flu including asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer. Gastroesophageal may also cause a cough. Symptoms Itchy throat Chest pain Congestion How to prevent coughing Avoid contact with a person who is sick Cover your

Home remedies for nasal, Chest congestion

Chest congestion is the accumulation of excess fluid and mucus in the lungs. A person suffering from chest congestion may suffer from a cough, chest pains. Bacteria and Fungi can also cause chest congestion and infection. Symptoms Irritation in the throat, cough, runny nose, difficulty in swallowing,  shortness of breath and difficulty breathing etc..,. We

Easy steps to make pea puree for baby

Healthy benefits of green peas Green peas contain starch and sugar with phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are nutrients that act as a shield against stomach cancer. 1 cup of green peas contains 10 mg of coumestrol, this is an easy healthy food for people. Green peas contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Peas absorb nitrogen gas from the air

Easy steps to make simple syrup in home

Simple syrup is easy to make at home. You can mix this syrup with your cocktails and some juices too. These syrup are healthy and tasty if you make this in the home. Sugar and water are the main ingredients for making the simple syrup. Simple syrup may be either flavored or sugar syrup. Preservation