Best Cheap Shotgun Microphones for Filmmaking, DSLR

Microphones are really important one when you shoot feature films, shorts, documentary and Ad films. The main advantage of the shotgun microphone is, it picks up the sound heavily when its focus directly on the sound source and any other noise as very low.

Best Shotgun microphones

Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone ($149.00)

Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone

This Rode VideoMic is designed for use with DSLR video cameras and personal audio recorders. The quality of the audio itself is considered as the best attribute of the mic. It sounds rich and full.

VideoMic becomes highly directional and focusing on the subject and lowers any other sounds by applying a super-cardioid polar pattern. One can get both broadcast and studio level sound quality with this mic and provides a two-step high-pass filter to get clear audio.

Adjusting the mic settings will allow you to record unusual sounds such as live concerts, sporting events.


  1. It has Rycote Lyre shock mounting
  2. 80 Hz high pass filter( to avoid car noise or HVAC systems)
  3. -10dB and -20dB PAD
  4. It records from 40Hz to 20Hz
  5. The user needs a standard 9v battery and battery life is about 100 hours.

Shure VP83 LensHopper($199.00)  

Shure VP83 LensHopper

This mic is designed to be compact and the user can record audio directly to DSLR camera by using 3.5mm audio output cable. It gives clear and natural sounding audio.

The foam widescreen of this mic provides covering from the wind and any other surrounding noise.


  1. low -cut filter to reduce background noise and ambiance.
  2. Audio artifacts that come from RF devices and cellular is avoided with superior RF immunity.
  3. -10dB PAD and +20 dB boost
  4. Integrated with Rycote Lyre shock mounting.
  5. Made as ultra-lightweight design
  6. An impressive battery life of 130 hours on a single AA

Rode VideoMic Pro($229.00)

Rode VideoMic Pro

This Rode VideoMic Pro is designed for use with smaller cameras. The audio signal of this mic is cleaner sounding than the camera preamps. Boosting the mic’s output level helps to get better audio quality.

The noise of traffic and air-conditioners and other likely things is controlled by a high-pass filter setting. This mic is equipped with a ⅜ inch thread along with a standard-sized shoe mount.


  1. Integrated shock mounting
  2. Two step High Pass filter -flat, 80Hz
  3. Three position level control (-10db, 0, +20dB)
  4. 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output
  5. Equivalent noise level -20dB
  6. 70 hours of battery life on a single 9V battery

Sennheiser MKE 600($349.95)

Sennheiser MKE-600

It is simple and easy to use since it is very compact and short. It provides exceptional directivity to record sounds from the front of the camera and reduces unnecessary sounds from other sides. There is a shock mount system that filters outside sounds but using an external shock mount to reduce these sounds effectively.

Foam windshield with a hairy cover protects of the wind or any other surrounding noise.

Low -cut filter will be effective for additional noise protection. It generates a clear record of natural sound.


  1. Mic pickup pattern is super-cardioid/lobar
  2. Foam windscreen reduces noise below 100 Hz by about 25dB
  3. Equivalent noise level is of 16dB.
  4. It can be used with a battery or 48V phantom power.

Saramonic VMIC($99.00)

Saramonic VMIC

In different settings, this microphone gives a chance to record perfect audio with three position control level and high-frequency boost. One can use up to 32GB and it gives more space for recording. The shock mount system disconnects the microphone from external mechanical noise and vibrations.

The windscreen of this microphone is quite thick and that protects the wind and other unwanted any other sounds. There is a traceable drop off of higher frequencies and the polar pattern is wider than the other options.


  1. Pick up pattern of this mic is super cardioid polar
  2. Switchable low-cut filter
  3. Standard size shoe mount
  4. Three position level control(-10dB, 0dB, +20dB)
  5. High frequency boost(+6dB)
  6. Lightweight all-metal construction

Audio Technica AT 897($249.00)

Audio Technica AT897


This Audio Technica AT897 is designed for professional recording, broadcast applications. This microphone pickups audio from a very long distance because of the narrow acceptance angle of line + gradient design.


  1. Smooth, natural-sounding on-axis audio quality
  2. Switchable low-frequency roll-off
  3. Works on battery or phantom power
  4. Very low self-noise

Zoom SSH-6($149.99)

Zoom SSH-6

This Zoom SSH-6 works great for fresh videographers. The shotgun center section is joined with left and right capsules that results in a focused center zone with clear stereo separation. The preamp of this mic is far better than the built-in DSLR amps. This gives advanced digital signal processing


  1. It gives focused stereo sound
  2. Mid-side processing
  3. Hairy windscreen
  4. Built-in 5-volt preamp
  5. Fully mono compatible

Tascam TM-2X($99.96)

Tascam TM-2X

This microphone is designed for the wide area of recording. The X-Y pattern of this mic and two mic capsules helps to create a stereo image to add depth audio quality. Both mic capsule can be adjusted.


  1. Low-cut filter to clear unwanted low frequencies
  2. Furry windscreen
  3. Stereo mini-plug output jack
  4. Lightweight design
  5. Works on plug-in
  6. Hot shoe mount

Azden SMX-10($69.00)


This microphone is very small in size. It seems perfect design for small handheld camcorders. It is a directional stereo microphone and it can capture the natural stereo sound with reduced noise. It is considered as best for action videos, musical performances, and scenes of nature.


  1. Directional stereo microphone
  2. Low-cut frequency filter
  3. Powered by a single AAA battery
  4. Foam windscreen and Shock-Mount microphone holder
  5. Compatible with consumer video cameras

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