How to Create a Website For Your Film

If you want to start your film marketing campaign using social media, the first thing you need a website for your film.

The website is a great tool  for online marketing, crowd funding, provide information for journalists and film distribution. It’s also boosted credibility and audience for your film. The website is the most important one for independent filmmakers. A single website can provide lot of answers about “Who are you?”, ‘ Why you are making this film?”, “Why should people watch your film?”, ” How your movie entertain audience”

In this article, I provide step by step guide to build a  movie website.

What things you need to create a film website

There are many online tools, software and methods available to create a single website. But here I am providing a very easy and straight forward method. You don not need to worry about coding, theme design and website performance.

The following things  are needed  to create a single website.

website for film

  • Domain
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Management System (WordPress)
  • Themes
  • Content & Images

Step 1 : Domain Registration 

First register a domain name for your film Website. If you make any delay, someone might  register your domain name. So first register your domain name. My suggestion is Godaddy, most famous domain name provider. They provide  cheap domain name registration, offers and promo codes.

Domain name suggestion: Use short and sweet word based on your film title. Ex: Because people want to remember your website name to coming back.


Step 2: Web Hosting

Hostgator is a better one to host your movie site. They provide a lot of offers and features such as easy to use cPanel, quick install (you can install WordPress or other CMS with just one click), website backup, etc. Use the following discount code to grab 25% off on your first Hostgator bill.

Sign up for Hostgator (Coupon code: FILMMAKERSPOT25)

BlueHost also provides good web hosting service.


Step 3: Change  your domain name servers

godaddy change DNS

Login your domain account panel. In my tutorial i am using Godaddy. Toggle Domain tab. Choose Launch button. In your domain panel settings, click Manage button in Name servers section. Change the name server settings from standard to custom. Enter the DNS records provided by hosting company.


Step 4: Install WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the best content management system I have ever seen in my life. Its specially build for blogs and websites. So you can run your own film production blog . Also, it’s free and its provide lot of options to create and maintain pages.

If you buy web hosting from  Hostgator or Bluehost , you can easily install WordPress using the quick install option.

install wordpress in hostgator


Step 5: Change your WordPress Theme

You can change your website style in minute with custom themes. If you want to make attractive webdesign, you need to buy some WordPress themes from (Famous theme market place).


Step 6: Add content and image

Add the content and details on your website based on the particular stage of your film.


The Teaser site

Add your film title, trailer or crowdfunding pitch video , concept arts, coming soon poster and some stills. Also, this page must contain your film based Facebook and twitter page link.

Your website must bring excitement to your audience. So add some positive and attractive image as a background.


The production Blog

If want to build an audience while you are in production, just create production blog.

Add the following details in your site to improve your film credibility

If  you running crowd funding campaign on kickstarter or Indiegogo add the following details to boost your film credibility.

  • IMDB
  • Facebook Page, twitter profile
  • Kickstarter or other crowd funding links.

Film distribution site

If your film finished, you want people watch your film. You need to make people pay for your film to buy poster, DVD, T-shirts, Watch it on Netflix or iTunes.

Use newsletter widget to capture your film audience emails. Use Email Marketing Service like Aweber  in your site for film marketing.

Example sites:-

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