30 Best sites : Download Free Stock Videos & Footage Clips

Intro Videos & Footage Video Clips have a important part in Film making, TV Title intros and Music video production. You can easily impress your clients with title intros. Here’s 30+ websites that provides stock Videos and royalty free footage video clips.

Stock Videos & Royalty Free Footage Video Clip Sitesfree stock videos

1. VidevoVidevo provide all kind of category video clips in Creative Commons 3.0 licenses . So you can download videos for film production, medical purpose, transport, business and office purpose.

2. X Stock Video – X Stock Video site provide professional quality video footage. You can download videos in 960 x 540 and 1280 x 720 (HD) resolution.
They provide a free license to use this videos in film, television, YouTube. apps and games.

3. VideezyVideezy offer various category (Abstract, travel, Time lapse, clouds, nature etc.) based free stock video footage.

4. Motion Elements – Motion Elements provide some collection of free HD video clips. They provide royalty free license.

5. Ignite Motion (Backgrounds & 3D Animations) – Its offer free motion backgrounds and 3d animation in various format ( HD video , 720 p & loop).

6. Free Footage – Free Footage offer Video clips for buildings, city, transportation and CG.

7. Footage Crate (For VFX & Motion Graphic Artist) – Footage Crate is a place to download VFX based video clips ( Muzzle flashes, Blood & 3d, Fire/ Explosions, Dust & smoke).

8. Beachfront B-Roll – Beachfront B-Roll provide unique free animated backgrounds and video footage’s for any production purpose.

9. Motion Backgrounds – Motion Backgrounds is a best place to find free looping motion backgrounds. But it require to signup for downloading videos.

10. Movie Tools (Free Background loops & Motion Objects) – Movie Tools provide some awesome animated background loops to make title animations.

11 . free-video-footage – Free Video footage offer lot of transparent videos, animated backgrounds.

12. Clip Canvas – Clip canvas offer premium video footage service. But you can also download free videos.

13. Open Footage (Timelapse Footage) – Open Footage is a place to download video clips based on Timelapse footage (city timelapse, weather & clouds, macro& nature time lapse and plants growing.

14. Cute Stock Footage – Cut Stock footage offer many light & Transition based free and premium video loops.

15. Partners In Rhyme (Free Video Footage & loops) – Partners In Rhyme is a place to download free & premium video backgrounds.

16. Bottled Video – Bottled video offer some particular category videos (Gym training, Glass Artwork, crops, Tennis, college & university & water falls).

17. VidsPlay – VidePlay provide collection of natural, animals, object HD videos.

18. NASA Videos – NASA provide international space station and planet videos.

19. Video Blocks – Video Blocks provide premium video footage service. But its offer 7 day free downloads in first signup.

20. Hollywood camera Works – You can download HD Green screen footage from here.

21. Stock Footage For Free – Stock Footage offer different kind of category videos. But it requires to signup for downloading Videos.

YouTube Channels & Vimeo Groups to Download Free Video Footage

22. Orange HD – Orange HD is one of the YouTube channel provide collection of HD videos about city, nature, Under water footage and animals.

23. Alex Free Stock Video (Green Screen & Blue Screen) – Best YouTube channel to download Green Screen & Blue screen video Footage’s, Nature stock video Footage and Animated 3d texture background. If you are a motion graphics artist or compositor, this is a best place to download reference footage.

24. Free Animal Video – Free Animal is one of the YouTube channel which share animal based video footage.

25. Stock Footage (Vimeo Group) – Stock footage is a vimeo group created by Jonathan James Harrison. You can find videos about people, nature, animals and buildings.

26. Fresh HD stock footage (Vimeo Group) – Free HD is one of the best vimeo group created by Phil Fred. You can find Natural, Animals, building videos in this group.
Some other sites

27. Media college – (Animals & Astronauts) –Media college offer free stock video footage for Animals, Cows, Sheep, Plant, Water, Spring and Winter. It also provide HD Video footage for Space Shuttle and Astronauts.

28. onfootage – Onfootage offer some free natural HD video clips. But it require signup to download videos.

29. Blue Marvel – Blue Marvel offer some free Hd video clips based on nature.

30. Neo’s Clip Archive – 6339 free videos in 22 categories.

31. IgniteHD – Free Stock footage for Beach, Buildings, Christmas, Nature, Sunrise, Transportation and Wildlife.

32. Cave Biota – Nature videos, Streaming animal documentary, Frogs, Bat and Great lake fishes.

33. Blue Sky Free stock footage’s.

34. 12 inch design Free HD motion backgrounds.

35. HubbleSOURCE Science education resources.

36. Goldieroom Free Video Clips for Biology.

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