10 Websites to Download Movie Scripts

If you want to write movie screenplay, you need to spend lot of times to read other movie screenplays. Because you need to learn screenplay writing and format screenplay. Here is a list of websites to download movie scripts and screenplays (also free).

IMSDB (Internet Movie Script Database)

Large movie script database collection to find latest Hollywood movies screenplay based on genre ( Action, comedy, adventure, Drama, mystery, thriller, romance family and horror). But you can only download html files to read movie scripts

Simply Scripts

This is the best site to find Movie scripts, Non English scripts, TV scripts, Radio scripts, Musical scripts, Play scripts and Unproduced scripts. It also provide information about upcoming screenwriting competition, screenplay format guide.

ScreenplayDB – There are 419 screenplays now available to download pdf format. It also provide way to submit your own screenplay.

script-o-rama – Script-o-rama provide detailed table to find different format (pdf, html, txt) and various version (draft information) of screenplays.

The Weekly Script – It provide alphabetically ordered .txt format screenplays include film, author information and description. You can also find television, radio screenplay here.

Sci fi Scripts (Science Fiction and Fantasy movie Screenplays)

Only Sci fi films based screenplay database to find new movie screenplays.

Screenplays for you – Famous website for movies scripts and screenplays.

Horror Lair – It provide horror and suspense based movie scripts collection. – Rough collection list to find old movie scripts.

Go into the story – It provide 80 movies free legal screenplay pdf downloading links.

Joblo – Provide list based on Hollywood movie screenplays.

Daily Script– Plain scripts based database.

Also check Screenplay writing software for desktop and smart phones. If you know any other websites, do let us via comment.

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