GoPro Camera Keeps Freezing and Won’t Turn Off ? Here is a Fix

I faced this issue. My new GoPro Hero 4 black camera suddenly freezes and I  can’t even turn it off.

Basic solutions for this problem:-

Solution 1: Use GoPro recommended SD cards

Class 10/UHS 1 Card is necessary to use your GoPro Hero 3,4 cameras and 4K video mode. So only use GoPro recommended SD cards.

Solution 2: Reset GoPro camera

Sometimes resetting your GoPro camera will fix this issue. But this method is unique for various GoPro cameras like Hero5 Black, HERO5 Session, Hero 3 silver etc.

Visit this GoPro support page to know how to reset your GoPro camera.

Hold down the shutter button on the top of the camera to reset.

Solution 3: Update GoPro Camera software

Download and install GoPro latest firmware using GoPro app or using desktop app.

Solution 4: Format Memory card

Format the SD card using the option “Delete All” in the camera settings.

Solution 5: Only for tech people.

Only use this method if your GoPro camera out of warranty period. Otherwise, claim warranty.

  1. Open GoPro camera using the screwdriver.
  2. Clean all contacts and use new thermal paste for CPU and other chips (optional).
  3. Unplug camera sensor and plug it back again.
  4. It will start working again without any issue.

Final Solution: Get Replacement if your camera under warranty period

If you can’t fix your GoPro camera issue after trying above solutions and if it’s under 1 year warranty period, apply for GoPro replacement warranty.

You need,

  • Before sending your GoPro, contact its Customer Support team by clicking the link of Contact Us on the Support Page.
  • You will be offered with an RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) number
  • You need to write the RMA number on the package after it is packed up.
  • Send it to the specific address based on your specific location.

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