How to Euthanize a Dog with Sleeping Pills, Benadryl, Tylenol pm

Euthanasia is a procedure of ending any living being’s life to alleviate pain or suffering. The sad truth about this procedure is that you are going to give farewell to your own companion and he is going to leave his soul on your lap. As a dog parent, you cannot see your pup experiencing cruel pain or suffering caused by the illness. If there is no way to recover your dog, you have only one option that is to demise your dog that will give your dog some relief. Many dog lovers choose this option of euthanizing. This article will help you to get the ideas of euthanizing a dog.

Euthanizing your Dog

Before euthanizing your dog, make sure that your decision is right and get help from your vet. Just keenly observe your dog’s behavior and if you are sure that you cannot recover your dog, you can follow the idea of euthanizing. You can euthanize the dog using sleeping pills, Benadryl, Tylenol pm.


Things You Need to Do

  • It is essential to select the perfect sleeping pills. Pentobarbital Sodium is the most effective anesthetic drug that can be chosen to euthanize your dog.
  • The effect of the drug can be painful to the dog. So giving some sedatives that help to keep them relax is suggested one. You can get some suggestion from your vet.
  • It is important to have an examination of your dog’s health condition before you decide to start the process of euthanasia.
  • Just make your dog feel comfortable and just hold him because he may be scared of the pain he is experiencing.

Euthanizing a Dog with Sleeping Pills:


  • It is important to having a consult with your veterinarian before you start the process of euthanasia. Clarify all the doubts about the dosage of sleeping pills that you have to give your dog.
  • Then, make your dog feel comfortable. You can start the procedure of euthanasia in a clinic, but do this at your home, the place where your dog feels comfort can let your dog be peaceful.
  • Provide sedatives using intramuscular injection.  that will let your dog relax his muscles and stops its breathing slowly. You can find some effects such as twitching or gasping and also you may find your dog urinating or discharging stool. Then check thoroughly whether the dog’s heart has stopped beating.

Euthanize a Dog with Benadryl and Tylenol pm

You can try Benadryl and Tylenol pm to euthanize your dog at home. Certainly, you can follow the same procedure as mentioned above. This Benadryl and Tylenol pm causes CNS stimulation or depression. As it is important you need to consult with the expert vet before you start working on this euthanasia.


I hope this article will be helpful for you all who has no idea of recovering your dog from his suffering that he is going through. If you have any suggestion let us know via comments.

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