Popular Photographic Genres

Photography as an art that conveys the story to the viewer. This story may be about anything. If you have interest in creating these kinds of awesome photographic art and wants to become an expert in the field of photography, you need to learn some basics about this. This will be more beneficial to take better photos.

There are different styles of photography and knowing these different styles of photography can be inspiring to become proficient in any one of these genres. This article can let you know the best genres of photography.

Wildlife photography

wildlife photography


This genre of photography seems to be very challenging. This genre demands proper technical skills and plannings. Photographers who come under this style needs to be aware of the belonging of his subjects and means of arriving them. This photographer must be very quick about capturing photos otherwise he may miss the shot.

Aperture priority is advisable for wildlife photography.

Candid photography

candid photography


Under this genre, the subjects of the photographer are unaware of the camera and the photographer. The moments were captured spontaneously. These photographs express the natural emotions of the subjects. Wedding photographs are the perfect example of this genre of photography. And it is almost found in all subject based photography.

Using long zoom is best to capture candid moments and this will enable your subjects to be more relaxed and natural.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography


This type of photographs is taken using a highly-accurate camera from an aircraft, vertically. That means the photographer will capture the scenes from above. These moments will be seen as awe-inspiring high angle photographs.

The shutter speed should be maintained above 1/500 and turn on Auto ISO. the camera with a very high ISO range is suggested as the best camera for aerial photography.

Fashion photography

fashion photography

This genre of photography tends to showcase clothing and other fashion items. This photograph can be taken in any location. It is normally creative and interesting photographic genre. Through this genre, the product will be glamorized by the photographer that will attract the customers.

Mostly this style of photography is connected with magazines like Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc.

Architectural photography

Architectural photography


The photographs of design aesthetics of buildings and structures come under this genre. It focuses on the tall buildings, bridges, factories, and etc., It is more about the design that pleases the building look aesthetically.

Landscape photography


Landscape photography

Documenting the natural scenery or landscape through photography is called as landscape photography.  To capture a better photo that comes under this photography genre, the photographer must wait for the perfect light.  We can say this as an easiest photographic genre.

Street photography


street photography

As one of the genre, Street photography is about the photographs that feature the everyday life of people or animals, objects, and events. It is similar to candid photography. We can say it is capturing the life and soul of the street. Photographers come under this genre are lively and they will have a story about it. They don’t wait for the moment, instead, they will capture the moment what they see.

Portrait photography

portrait photography


In this genre, the focus is mainly given to the face since people’s moods and expressions are important subjects of these photographers.  The mood of the subject is clearly noticed through the eyes. So the photographer should make sure that the face of the subject is sharp and focussed.

Black and White photography

black and white photography

Black and White photography will be often used in journalism. It is considered as one of the favored forms of monochromatic art. For a photographer, it is important to understand that all the subjects will not be suitable for black and white.

Travel photography

travel photography

As one of the genres Travel photography involves the area of landscape, people, customs, cultures, and history. The photographer captures new sites and those photographs will be seen by the viewer from the perspective of the photographer. This genre tells the story of traveler.

Advertising photography

This genre includes some other photographic genres such as fashion and still life. This genre is used by businesses, freelancers and many others to market services and products. This advertising photographer uses a different variety of photographs to sell lifestyles, concepts, and ideas.

Sports photography

sports photography

This photography genre covers all types of sports. This is about freezing the moment and a slight mistake can collapse the shot. Sports photography comes under photojournalism since it covers the event. Through this photographs, sportsmanship, anger, the joy of the sportsman is fixed as the subject.

Using long lense and setting high ISO on camera helps to capture at a high shutter speed.

Hope this article will help you to know the genres of photography and that may help you to become a professional in any one of those genres. Let us know your suggestion over this content via comment.

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