20 Screenwriting Software & Mobile Apps

Screenwriting software is one of the import thing in Screenplay writing process. It provide standard templates, screenplay format and save lot of time.

Screenwriting programs for Desktop

Final Draft 

Premium script writing software which provide lot of features. Most Hollywood directors include James cameron (Avatar) using this software to writing their movie screenplay. It offer many features such as name database, spell check, assign voices, book marks and various  templates based on film, tv and radio scripts.

Telby (Free)

Multi platform(windows, Linux, Mac) screenwriting program. It provide lot of features such as  Name Database (200,000  character names from various countries), Scene/location/character/dialogue reports, support lot of export formats (PDF, formatted text, HTML, RTF, Final Draft XML (.fdx) and Fountain (.fountain)), spell checking and auto-completion.

Movie Magic Screenwriter – Professional and powerful screenplay writing software. It provide option to import your script from MS word or other programs, 86 TV templates, American English thesaurus, Text-to-Speech engine, iPartner collaborationm integration with Dramatica and StoryView .

Adobe Story CC Plus (Free) – Free script writing software from adobe to write screenplay and scripts.

Page 2 stage (Free) – Opensource Screenwriting software. available in many languages.

Script It!  –  software to write  movie screenplays, stage plays and novels.

Movie Outline – Effortless script formatting software.


Screenwriting software for Mac OS

Storytouch (free) – Professional screenwriting software which provide lot of options.

Slugline – Another screenwriting software for Mac OS X.

Storyist – Powerful story development tool for novelists and screenwriters.

Montage – It support to import Final Draft documents, text and RTF files.  provide lot of  templates for film, TV, BBC and  Theater.


Screenplay writing Apps for Android based Smartphones

DubScript – Free Screenwriting/reading app for Android mobiles.

Fade In Mobile – Premium screenwriting app. It edit screenplays in .fadein format.


Screenplay writing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Final Draft Writer – Famous screenwriting software only for iPad.

Scripts Pro – popular screenwriting app for iOS.

Storyist – Powerful writing environment for iOS.

Celtx – popular screenplay writing mobile app.


Browser Based Screenwriting software

Celtx – Free online screenplay writing software for Students, amateurs and non‑core cast & crew. Most famous one.

Plotbot – Free browser based screenwriting software.

Scriptd – Premium browser based screenplay writing software.

Writer Dust – Real time collaborative screenwriting software.

Also check some screenplay downloading sites  to read other movie screenplays.

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