How to Update GoPro Wi-Fi Remote Firmware

If you don’t have any idea about updating GoPro Wi-Fi remote, read this article. It will help you to update your firmware.

Step 1: First, charge your BacPac, Remote and HD HERO. Don’t Charge your Remote while updating. Update your HD HERO camera and Wi-Fi BacPac first.

Step 2: Then connect the BacPac to your camera and then connect the BacPac to your computer by using the USB cable.

Step 3: Connect the BacPac to the Remote. Then BacPac shows the Wi-Fi will searching the device to connect. Then it won’t connect to the Remote.

Step 4: if the BacPac Shows Wi-Fi icon to make a connection, you can try this.

  • First, refresh the device window.
  • Then close the GoPro Studio and relaunch it.
  • Doing power cycle all the devices and then relaunch GoPro Studio.

Step 5: If the BacPac is not shown the Wi-Fi icon, again power cycle the devices. Then you have to again repair the remote to the BacPac. To do so, Follow this instruction.

  • Power off your remote.
  • On your camera, enter the Wi-Fi setting by short press the BacPac button. Then choose the “Wi-Fi RC” -> tap “New” -> tap “Yes”. Then the camera will go into pairing mode.
  • Power on your Wi-Fi remote while simultaneously press and hold the shutter button. It will start the remote to get in pairing mode.
  • Then the Devices will be paired and then remote and camera will be showing the box with the checkmark. The remote will be stimulated to connect to another device. Then you can choose “No”.


If the update process will fail, follow this instruction.

  1. Security Settings:

You will have to disable some security settings that can prevent file transfer and download.  After the completion of the update, re-enable the security settings.

  • A User Account Control must be turned off in windows.
  • You should turn off some any anti-virus software.
  • Turn off any firewalls.
  1.  USB Connection:

Sometimes, the USB port will be timed-out. So, you can’t communicate any longer via USB port to finish the update or download. If you want to rid of this problem, you should follow this steps.

  • Detach any other USB devices.
  • You can try other USB port. The USB 2.0 port is the main port of a computer. You can use USB ports on PC desktop of the back which is main port and you can also use the port on the front of the desktop.
  • You must use GoPro USB 2.0 spec cable.
  • If you open any other application, just close it. You should only run the GoPro studio. Again If you faced any problem, restart your system.


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