Top 3ds Max Plugins to Make Visual Effects

Cebas thinkingParticles – thinking Particles is used to create and simulate destruction’s thinking Particles used in most famous Hollywood movies (Avengers, Battleship and Snow White & the Huntsman).

RayFire – RayFire is a most famous and powerful plugin for 3ds max to create fragment, demolish,destruction, explode objects. RayFire offer many useful features such as interactive demolition system, cache ( its allow to cache geometry animation in single file), dynamic simulation, image tracing, modifiers ( fragmenter ,clusters, voxels and cracks modifiers) and Bomb helper which is used to create all kind of explosions.

RayFire used in many famous Hollywood movies ( 2012, The Avengers, Transformers : Dark of the Moon).3ds max plugins

FumeFX – FumeFX is a powerful 3ds Max plugin to create fire based animations. FumeFX used in many movies such as Ghost Rider 2, Thor, Blur and Green Lantern.

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RealFlow for 3ds Max – RealFlow is a award winning fluid simulation software. Its offer plugin to integrate RealFlow to 3ds Max. You can create oceans with breaking waves, high detailed fluid based simulations and body dynamics. Real Flow is used in Hollywood movies such as Ghost Rider, G.I.JOE, 2012 and Skyline.

Krakatoa MX – Thinkbox software Krakatoa MX is a best tool to create volumetric particle rendering. Krakatoa is specially designed to create, control and render billions of particles. Krakatoa support and offer both particle and Voxel rendering modes using the same source data.

Its offer option to output OpenEXR files including various render passes. Krakatoa easily integrate native 3ds max particle system. its also available for Maya.

Krakatoa Mx used for visual effects in movies like Man of Steel, oblivion, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows part 2 and Avatar.

Terrain – Terrain plugin for 3ds Max allow to generate landscapes from real world data. Its allow to color mesh based on height with user customizable colors. you can easily create terrain using this plugin. You can import datas and textures from Google earth.

Stoke MX – Stoke MX is a best particle simulator for 3ds Max to create high volume particle clouds. You can easily combine FumeFx , Thinking Particles, Particle flow into Stoke MX.

Autograss – Autograss is a VRay based 3ds Max plugin used to create grasses. You can create photorealistic grasses using V-Ray and 3ds max. Autograss plugin used in “Alice in wonderland”.

CityTraffic – CityTraffic is a best plugin to generate car traffic. CityTraffic provide advanced AI- based animation system to create vehicle movements.

Pulldownit – Pulldownit is a another 3ds Max plugin to create scatter& fracture based animation.

Houdini Ocean Toolkit(free) – Houdini ocean Toolkit is a modifier plugin to create ocean waves. Houdini ocean Toolkit is a free 3ds max plugin.

glu 3D – glu 3D is a another water simulation based 3ds max plugin. Its fully integrated in 3ds max and Maya. Its easily integrate to particle flow in 3ds max.

Pwrapper – Pwrapper is a best surface blobMesh generator for any kind of particle animation system in 3ds max.

SnowFlowPro – 3Ds max plugin to create snow and snow based animation.