5 Best Dog GPS Trackers You Must Know

How pathetic the situation will be when your pet dog misses….? Yeah..! I know it would be very painful because I too had experienced the same feeling when I missed my Chinchu. Then, somehow I had found my lost dog with the help of GPS tracker. Here, I gonna share you the best GPS trackers with you so that you can find your lost dog.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

tractive gps

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker help you to find where your dog is. It works in more than 80 countries. For finding the precise location this tracker requires both GPS and Cellular connection networks. It also gives your dog the better visibility power in dark locations. This tracker needs to be paid a monthly service fee. The waterproof and durable quality of this tracker provides the extra advantage. This tracker signifies the allergies and vaccination actions of your pet dogs.

Price: $54.95

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Pet Pace Collar

petpace gps

Pet Pace tracker helps you to know the heart rate, respiration, temperature, and calories of your pet. This tracker provides you the facility of waterproof and ensures long battery life. A monthly or annual fee should be paid for obtaining this tracker. The main attractive feature about this tracker is that it is specifically designed for the Health and Health Monitoring features of your pet.

Price: $189.98

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Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

whistle gps

Whistle GPS Tracker offers a wide range of attractive features like low initial cost, long battery life, can set multiple safe zones and it works with cats too. This tracker is considered as one of the popular products on the market nowadays. It requires a monthly subscription to the cellular data network. This tracker is most suitable for the owners who are looking forward to knowing the activity level of their dogs. Both Android and iOS can obtain the facility of this tracker. This tracker works only in the US.

Price: $ 79.95

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Nuzzle GPS Collar

nuzzle gps

Nuzzle GPS Collar tracker provides you the up to date information of your pet. This tracker can be used for both dogs and cats too. Unlike some trackers, this tracker doesn’t require any subscription fees and it comes up with two batteries. This tracker provides you the additional advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. The temperature condition of your dog can be monitored with the help of this GPS tracker.

Price: $189.99

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Link AKC

link AKC

Linc AKC Tracker is specifically designed for comfort, fit and fashion. The high-quality leather collar, intuitive app, LED night light tracker, stores maps and images of tracked activity adds an additional advantage to this tracker. This tracker makes you feel that you are connected to your dog. As a pet owner, you are required to obtain a LINK AKC memberships. This tracker is available for both Android and iOS versions.

Price: $99.00

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With the help of the above GPS Trackers, you can find your lost dog. Hope this article will be useful to you right…? If so, share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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