Welcome to our official About Page of “Home Remedies for me”. Positively, you will be able to know what this website stands for. This website is the place where you can get all the stuff related to your American-made products, pest control, dog foods, etc. We have started this site in 2017 and it is maintained by a group of writers who have a lot of experience in home remedies, dog breeding. This site mainly focuses on home remedies, American-made products, dog foods, and its rating and reviews.

We are three and we have boundless love for dogs and joined our hands to provide you some knowledge about Do’s and Don’ts in dog breeding and also will help you to get solutions over the canines’ health condition.

More About Us,


Hi, this is me, Vishnupriya, and am a Master’s Degree Graduate. I have three dogs named Pandu, patlu, and mottu. I love these three companions,  made me be more passionate about dog breeding.


Hi, my name is Vinupradha. I have completed my Masters’s Degree in Commerce. Everyone loves the accompany of the dogs at home and it suits me too. Pappu is my adorable canine and the love for him invited me to learn and practice all the nutrient duties to him.

Naveena Devi

Hi, am Naveena Devi. I have finished my Masters’s Degree and now am doing a Master’s of Philosophy. Like others, I love being with canines and pampering them as a child gives me a kind of pleasure to the heart.

We assure you we will give you the best kinds of articles on our site and will make your love for dogs more strong. Thank You.!