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Acana is a dog food brand famous for producing high quality and biologically appropriate diet for your canine. This Acana dog food is manufactured by the Champion Pet Foods. To this date, this food product is purchased in 60 countries. This dog food is available in two different product that is one for USA consumers and the second one for Canadians.

Acana Dog Food Reviews

Acana is rated as the top dog food brand on the market. This dog food includes the ingredients those are best and fresh ingredients from Canada. This top-rated Acana dog food is marketed as a “new class of food” that fulfills all the biological requirements of the dog.

This dog food brand impresses all the dog parents who used to provide their canine with Acana since this brand makes the canine healthy.  This Champion Pet Food company mainly concentrates on providing holistic(natural) dog food that very nutritious to the dogs.

Acana Dog Food offers dry food formulas and these dry food formulas are manufactured with fresh and regional ingredients. This food’s recipes is meat-rich and protein-rich and also includes fresh vegetables and fruits.

Ingredients of Acana

The ingredients of Acana Dog Food is very high in quality and these ingredients are actually taken from their local area. The Acana dog food is produced with the ingredients such as Heritage red meats, wild and sustainably caught fish, whole vegetables, fruits, free-run poultry and eggs and also botanicals that have grown locally.

This Acana dog food uses the number of meats and organ sources, that includes chicken, Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, turkey, lamb, duck, trout, and pike.

Variety of Acana Product Lines

Heritage – These Heritage foods contains rich protein, low carbohydrates and the inclusions of 60% free-run poultry, heritage meals or freshwater fish. This heritage food includes the products,

Regionals – Regionals foods contains fresh regional ingredients. It contains 70% meat and it is protein-rich and carbohydrate-limited. Regionals includes the food product,

Singles  – This food contains 50% lamb, duck, pork which provides protein-rich and carbohydrate-limited. Singles contains the product recipe,

Best Acana Dog Food Reviews

Acana Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food($95.11)

acana heritage meats

This Heritage Meats food contains the ingredients Yorkshire Pork, Angus beef, Suffolk lamb that helps to keep your dog healthy. It contains the good level of proteins,  low carbohydrate, and zero grains. Also, there is an inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits. This is suitable for all age and all breeds of dogs.

Acana Grasslands Regional Dry Dog Food($498.22)

grasslands regional

This dog food, Acana Grasslands Regional dry dog food is loaded with cage-free duck, eggs from prairie farms, wild-caught fish and local lamb, fruits and vegetables. It contains 70% protein and no inclusion of grain. It contains iron, calcium, omega-3 and other minerals. So it helps to keep the healthy bone, muscle, coat, and teeth. This dog food is considered as best for the dogs with a food allergy or sensitive stomach.

Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Dry Recipe

wild prairie

It is a grain free recipe and loaded with free-run Cobb chicken, whole nest-laid eggs, and wild-caught fish. It is featured with five variations of fresh meats and fresh fruits, vegetables. The green peas, whole chickpeas, and whole red lentils.

Acana Singles Duck And Pear Dog Food($50.79)

duck pear

It is a food, rich in nourishing proteins, oils and fewer carbohydrates and any other additives.  It is a food loaded with free run muscovy duck and Barlett pears. Also, there is an inclusion of fruits, botanicals and Kentucky grains.


Acana Singles Grass-Fed Lamb Dry Food($84.99)

acana lamb

This food features 50% lamb and it helps the dogs with sensitivities or food allergies. It is a single animal source. Rich in protein and It is loaded with fresh apple, pumpkin, and squash.


Acana is the dog food products are produced by Champion Petfoods, US. this Acana uses the ingredients those are fresh and regional. You can find that there is no recall history of the products produced by Champion Petfoods. The reason behind the awesome reviews of this product is that they ensure all of their ingredients with rich quality. These ingredients are not outsourced and taken from the local area with freshness.

So there is no need to be surprised to know that Acana has no recall history. You can put all your trust on this product that will make your canine more healthy and nutritious.

Where to Buy

This Acana Dog Food can be purchased in many retail stores over the country.

You can search at the official website which provides you store locator that can help you to find the retailers who sell Acana dog food near your location.

Or else, this Acana dog food brands can be purchased on

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