Acana vs Orijen : Which one is Best and Why?

Acana and Orijen are the popular dog food brands made by same company Champion Petfoods. As these two brands are produced from the same place, generally the quality of these two brands will be equal. Both these two brands tend to be Biologically Appropriate. Both Orijen and Acana contains fresh meats with low carbohydrate and high protein.

It is not easy to determine that which one is the best of these two brand since both are considered as premium products on the market.

So, here we are ready to show you the differences between Orijen and Acana. We let it on your hand to decide which one is better for your canine.

acana vs orijen


Difference In Variety of Foods

Orijen Dog Food

Orijen is the dog food and it has two major types such as Dry food and Freezes dried food. In this, the Dry dog food has seven varieties are actually like ordinary kibble. Freeze dried food has three varieties which can be hydrated and used like wet food.

Acana Dog Food

Acana dog food has three types such as Heritage, Regionals, Singles. Heritage is the type which contains high protein and low carbohydrate. The Regionals are included with regional meat and fish. Singles are the last type in which you can find the single protein source that serves as the solution for the dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies.

Acana vs Orijen

Orijen and Acana as both dog food brands are biologically appropriate provides nutritionally balanced diet.

Total meat content

Acana and Orijen have more meat content. The higher level of meat as the main ingredient of both these brands keeps your dog very strong. The total meat content in the Orijen dog food is 75-80% whereas acana has the total meat content of 50-70%.

Fresh Meat

When it comes to fresh meat content in both Acana and Orijen, there is 50-60% of fresh meat included in the Orijen dog food and acana contains 20-35% fresh meat content and Acana is filled with 20-35% of fresh meat.

Formula Varieties

Orijen dog food brand offers limited formula variety whereas Acana has more variety of formulas that can be enjoyed by your dog.

Protein Level

When are considering the protein level, no other brands cannot beat Orijen which has 38-42% of protein level. Compared to Orijen, Acana has l2-35% protein level. It can be said that Orijen is produced with 5% to 10% higher protein levels than Acana dog food.

Carbohydrate Level

Orijen has 12-18% of carbohydrates which is more less than Acana is manufactured with 20-30% of carbohydrates.

The best food

Moreover, comparing Acana and Orijen, Acana seems to be affordable than Orijen.  Both food brands are playing the role as the premium selling product on the market and you can choose one of them according to your means. Generally, it is based on the necessity of your canine, so if your dog needs less protein, you can buy Acana which is affordable and if your dog needs much more energy with fresh meat content and higher protein levels you can go with Orijen.

We just let it on your hands to choose which is the best one among the two dog foods, Acana and Orijen.

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