Best 3D Modeling Software (Complete List)

Computer Graphics is a dream for many students and artists. But most of the people don’t have any proper knowledge to choose right 3D modeling software for their work.

3D modeling software are used to create three dimensional surface of objects using mathematical way (X, Y, Z). Many free and commercial modeling software available online. But some software only have better tools to design any kind of 3D models.

Best 3D Architecture modeling software

Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk 3ds Max is a best software to design architecture 3d modeling. 3ds max offer many tools to design interior, exterior models. 3ds max mostly used to visualize architecture designs. But it’s also use to design game characters, Movie based photo-realistic 3d models, animation and visual effects

SketchUp is a 3D modeling program used in architectural, mechanical visualization, civil and video game program design.

Massive is a best solution to simulate CG peoples for architectural and engineering visualization. Massive integrate most famous 3D modeling applications such as 3ds Max ,Maya and Cinema 4D to import buildings, terrain, cameras and lights. massive used in most famous films such as Harry Potter,Narnia, Night at the Museum and King Kong for crowd simulation.

Best 3D software for Character modeling and animation

Autodesk Maya
Maya is a best software to design 3D characters for animation, dynamics and gaming. Maya support polygon, Nurbs and sub division modeling. Maya offer best workflow to create UV map for texturing.

Blender (free)
Blender is a free and open source 3D software. You can make all kind of modeling, texturing, animation, dynamics, lighting and renders using Blender. Most famous animation movie Sintel fully created using Blender. Blender is also used to create video games.

Modo is used to create photorealistic 3D models for animation and matte painting. you can create any kind of complex 3D models, cartoon characters using Modo.

Silo is mostly used to create sculpting high polygon 3D models and video game characters.

Software to create concept 3D art and Product visualization

DAZ 3D offer better workflow design 3D art and product visualization. DAZ 3D have a huge amount of 3D models and presets. You can add 3d character models, clothing, hair, lighting and rendering etc. DAZ 3D available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Rinoceros is a 3D modeling program mostly used in jewellery design, footwear model design, mechanical design, medical visualization and complex 3D modeling. Its also offer tools to add texturing, lighting to make photorealistic rendering.

ZBrush is a digital sculpting program. ZBrush is a best tool for digital artists. You can sculpt you imagination based character with billion polygons. ZBrush offer non-linear and mode free menu, elegant workspace, painting tools, brushes. You can interact 3D models, 2D images and 2.5D pixels. You can directly render you 3D models in ZBrush with atmospheric effects and lighting. Its offer to transfer 3D models from ZBrush to Maya, Lightwave, 3Ds Max, modo and Cinema 4D.

Poser is a another 3D software which offer to create Digital Art and animation. It offer to add 3D people, lighting, customize character with pose and facial expression. You can import motion capture files in Poser to create animation.

3D-Coat is a digital sculpting program to create free form organic and hard surface models. You can create UV maps, turnable animation using 3D-Coat.

Sculptris is a another digital sculpting program based on pixologic. Its have many painting tools and Sculpting brushes.

3D environment modeling software

e-on Vue
Vue is a best software to design natural 3D scenery. You can design realistic atmospheres, trees, terrain, roads, plants, wind effects etc. Vue used in most famous Hollywood movies such as AVATAR, 2012, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean for environment modeling and animation.