18 Maya Plugins You Must to Know

Vray for maya
Most vfx & Film studios around the world use vray.
Vray is one of the best maya plugin to create photo realistic render.

Solidangle Maya To Arnold
Arnold offer ray tracing and physical based shading system. Most industry film studios like Sony Pictures Imageworks used this game

Ticket01 Contours For Maya
Ticket01 use both polygonal meshes and NURBS geometry to create high-quality wireframe renderings. Ticket01 plugin allow wireframe render in mental ray.

Mentalcore is an alternative standard rendering workflow for Maya and Mental Ray.It was suitable for small and large productions.It will take small time and give high quality render.

The Mattepainting Toolkit
Mattepainting Toolkit is a best tool for visual effects artists to create camera projected textures for games, films, architectural visualizations,CG based environments.

Qualoth is a cloth simulator to create animated cloth for 3d models.It convert all kind of polygon meshes into cloths.

Joe Alter LBrush
It’s advanced lip service tool create sculpting, painting, rigging in subdivision surface objects.

RenderHeads VertexChameleon
VertexChameleon used gaming platforms like Sony PSP & Playstation 2 for create vertex colour for maya.

RealFlow Plugin for Maya
Realflow is a best plugin to translte meshes from maya to realflow and realflow to maya. It was used to create water related animations.

dRaster NEX
dRaster NEX take user to create 3d model in next level.

Glu3D is a best plugin to create high level water animations.It also available on 3d studio max.

DMM plugin for Maya
DMM plugin allow user to create fragment, demolish, wreck.

The Setup Machine
Setup Machine plugin enable user to create easy rig for CG characters.The Setup Machine is
perfect solution to create character rig fast.

Shave and a Haircut
Shave and a Haircut is a best plugin to create and animate hair for 3d charectors.

Golaem & Miarmy Maya Crowd Simulation
Golaem & Miarmy Maya Crowd Simulation used many films for create crowds.It allows user to simulate complex and controllable characters in maya.

Furryball is a rendering based plugin to increase quality and features of CPU rendering.It offer materials like Car Paint,
Cartoon, Anisotropic.It render Hair and Fur, Fluids, shadows, lights, shaders, particles, Subsurface Scattering.

Unwrella is a texture creating plugin for maya.

FXHair is a hair simulation software.