7 Best Mouse Traps Reviews – Humane Mouse traps

Mouse at home and workplace is always an irritating and needs a remedy. We have two ways one to kill and other to move them from our area. For both this purpose, we need a trap with a bait to attract. We are going to see some of the mouse traps in this article.

1.Catch and relief mouse traps

mouse trap

There are many mouse traps available in the market which catch mouse without causing any harm to them. After catching mouse in a trap, we can take them far away from our place and release them. We use baits to attract mouse inside trap release the closing lid when they move the bait. Many traps are found in local market.

2. Havahart humane mouse trap  

Havahart humane mouse trap

Havahart humane mouse trap is mentioned have a heart mouse trap because it never kill a living being. It is made with wire mesh reinforced with steel and has two doors open with bait at the center. When mouse comes on trap it triggers the wire to close doors and thus traps the mouse inside. We can use this traps for many years and the sensitive trigger catches mice in a single trap. The trap do not harm mice, it only catch them  live allow them to move free.

3. Smart Mouse trap humane Mouse Trap

Smart Mouse trap humane Mouse Trap

Smart mouse trap is beautiful mouse trap compared to others. The trap is made of green, transparent plastic and is shaped like little house. It has a stainless steel spring under plastic platform. When the mouse is on the trigger plate the spring snaps the trap door. It has good looking design. It is actually larger than usual mouse traps. There is a hole in the top for trapped mouse to get oxygen. We also have some constraints like plastic can be chewed my mouse to create special way for them and small mice needs additional bait to be triggered and trapped.

4. Mice cubes humane mouse trap

The mice cube is made of semi-clear hard plastic rectangle box. It is very simple and easy to use mouse trap. The trap has one plastic door that swings inward once the mouse enters the trap it cannot be out of it. We can add the bait for behind to trap the mice possibly. More than one species can also be catched. The constraints are there is a possibility for mice to die without air, cleaning them is also difficult. Mice get suffered if not released within an hour or two.

5. Bucket Homemade mouse trap

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Dowel, metal or wood
  • Tin can
  • Peanut butter
  • Scrap of wood for ramp

Bucket Homemade mouse trap

We should drill holes at the top of the bucket, on 2 opposite sides and simultaneously, drill holes in middle of both the side of soda can. Insert a dowel in the bucket holes and the soda can holes. We can keep mouse bait on the soda can and support mice with a ramp to climb on the bucket. We can fill it with water if we want to kill them otherwise we can let them free. When the mouse comes for bait it tries to climb on the can,which rotates due to mice weight and the mice fell into the bucket from where it is not able to escape.

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Alternative designs

  • Rope method – We can use rope and a lid to be tied at the middle. The rope can be tied between two ends of the bucket. The bait kept in the center lid will attract mice, which swings to the weight of rat and makes the mice to be trapped inside the bucket.mice to be trapped inside bucket
  • Walk the pang – This mouse traps are suggested to be used in chicken house we just place two planks with bait just above the bucket which will slide down to the weight of the mice. Thus the mice fall into the bucket.

mice fall into bucket

6. Steps to be followed while trapping mouse

We can even use our traditional mouse trap or any other choice of mouse trap. We suggest some six steps to have better result.

  • Choose mousetrap – The choice must be based on the usage,if you are looking for traps that kill or catch alive.It is also based on the area of the usage and the possibility of mice to be kept away.
  • Modify trap – We need to modify the trigger,to get better result out of it.It needs some careful handling since it may damage our fingers.
  • Bait the trap – Thee food that attracts mice is bait if we use that are smooth enough to be released from the trap it is of no use so we suggest some hard and attractive bait like coconut pieces,nuts.we can also roast coconut pieces to make it hard and smell.
  • Location – Place the trap where mice are seen.especially in the areas of food stuff and if we find mouse calls we can place in that areas too.
  • Wait for snap – After a deciding the location check for mice twice or more than that.if we hear  a trap sound and mice noise it is also a sign of trap
  • Repeat – The process can be repeated until we find the no mice in our place or as long as we could to make us feel mice free zone.

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