5 Best Organic & Natural Men’s Cologne

A lot of guys don’t like to use perfumes which are not natural. Smelling good is important but it should not be the cause of your sickness. To avoid such health issues, you can use Organic and natural cologne which is made from the natural ingredients. Here, I gonna share you the list of best organic and natural men’s colognes so that you can make use of it in the best way.

Dr.Squatch Driftwood Organic Cologne

Dr. Squatch cologne

Dr.Squatch Driftwood Organic Cologne is an amazing cologne which is made from the in toxic scents and the organically sourced ingredients like Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Grapefruit, Coriander, Vetiver, Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Basil, Bergamot and Essential oils of Sandalwood. You can apply it on your pulse points or use it as a beard oil and this cologne will stick around much longer than a spray would do.

Vanessa Megan Citrus and Spice Natural Cologne

vanessa megan cologne

Vanessa Megan Citrus and Spice Natural Cologne is a fantastic scent which will make you feel fresh all day long. It is 100% alcohol-free cologne and made from the natural and certified organic ingredients like Essential oils of Mandarin, Patchouli, Peru Balsam, Clove bud, Cumin, Lavender, Glyceryl, Caprylate, and Coco glycoside. These ingredients help you to get the spirit and it also supports in balancing the central nervous system.

Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid

otterwax cologne

Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid scent lasts longer than other liquid sprays. The ingredients included in this cologne are Beeswax, Bergamot, Valencia orange, Fir needle, Virginian cedarwood, Shea butter, Lime, Sandalwood, Black pepper and Essential oils of Vetiver. This solid cologne will not affect the skin as it is made from the natural high-quality and eco-friendly ingredients.

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Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Cologne

olivina cologne

Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Cologne makes you gain the intimate experience and it is made up of simple and natural ingredients of essential oils. This cologne is inspired by the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries. As this scent is allergy-free, it will not affect your skin.

The ANSC All Natural Cologne

ANSC cologneThe Australian Natural Soap Company All Natural Cologne is a spicy scent gives you an uniques fragrance. This natural scent is made from the ingredients of Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Patchouli oil, Ginger oil, Black pepper oil, and Cedarwood. The pleasant smell of this cologne makes you feel fresh and it lasts all day.

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