8 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls: Stainless Steel & Plastic – 2023

Do you know the purpose of slow feeder dog bowls? Dogs eat so much of food very quickly when they eat in the normal bowls. But if they eat in the slow feeder bowls, they can eat only small amount of food. It will take more time to eat. Rapid eating can create many health issues such as choke, bloat, regurgitation, obesity, indigestion, etc. To prevent your dogs from these problems, use slow feeder dog bowls.  This article is going to help you to pick the best slow feeder dog bowl for your dog.

1.Outward Hound Slow Fun Feeder Dog Bowl(12.99)outward houund slow feed dog bowl

Outward Hound bowl makes your dog eating too slow. It is available in 3 unique colours & designs. It has ridges and Valley that extern eating time last up to 10x longer. So it improves digestion and prevents regurgitation, obesity, and bloat. This bowl is sold over one million. Clean it well immediately after eating to prevent mosquitoes, ants, insects, and flies from getting in. It comes in two sizes: Large and Small. A large one can hold up to 4 cups of dry kibble and the small one can hold 2 cups. It comes with a slip-resistant base that prevents food from spilling and sliding. Buzzle design bowl is available in this kind of bowl.

2.Mr.Peanut’s Stainless Steel Slow Feed Dog Bowl($12.99)mr.peanut slow feed dog bowl

Mr.Peanut’s Stainless Steel Bowl comes with a maze of ridges and valleys that prevents that reduces the amount of eating food and increases the time of eating. It is stainless steel, shatterproof, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. It is available in 2 sizes: Medium (hold 2 cups of dry food) and Large (hold 3.5 cups of dry food). It is compatible with both dry and wet food. It is great for dogs who eat and drink too fast. So it prevents indigestion, overeating, vomiting, regurgitation, and bloating. All veterinarians around this world recommend this slow feeder bowl.

3.PINJUM Dog Bowls Slow Feeder ($8.38)pinjum slow feed dog bowl

PINJUM Slow Feeder Dog Bowls help you to keep your dogs very healthy. It won’t let your dog eat too much. It comes with Ridge and Valley that reduces you dog eating speed. So it helps to adjust your dog weight. Your dog will take more time to eat when it eats in this bowl. So it prevents indigestion. This bowl is made of food-safe ABS materials. You can easily clean it. This slow feeder is non-toxic and very safe to use. It won’t let your dog food slip off. After eating, clean it immediately.

This bowl is available in three colours: Sky Blue, Green tea, and Rose Red. If this bowl gets damaged, throw it away immediately.

4.Ootdpet Dog Bowl Slow Feeder ($8.69)ootdpet slow feed dog bowl

Ootdpet slow feeder dog bowl is best for fast eaters. It prevents your dog from obesity, regurgitation, overeating, and bloat. This slow feeder bowl is made of food-safe and high-strength ABS plastic. It is phthalate free. This bowl comes with a non-slip rubber mat that prevents your dog food from spilling while eating. It very easy to use and clean. It makes your dog’s meal times very fun. The dog can eat only a small amount of food in this bowl. But it will feel like eating so much.

5.Iconic Slow Feed Stainless steel Pet Bowl ($14.12)iconic slow feed dog bowl

Iconic Pet Slow Feed Stainless steel bowl is made of food-safe and high-quality stainless steel that increases durability. It is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. This bowl comes with raised center that prevents your dog from eating too much of food. It also increases meal time. So your dog won’t get any health issues like choke, regurgitation, obesity, etc.

6.JOSGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating bowl ($8.99)josgood slow feed dog bowl

JOSGOOD Fun Slow Feeding Bowl makes your eating full of fun. This bowl is 100 percent recyclable. It is durable and non-toxic. It made of food-sale and high-strength ABS materials such as PBA & PVC. this fun feeder is phthalate free. In this bowl, your dog can eat a small amount of food. It prevents your dog from indigestion, vomiting, obesity, and bloating. It is not only used for eating food but also used for drinking water. This bowl reduces the speed of eating.

7.Accmor Slow Feed Dog Bowl ($10.99)accmor slow feed dog bowl

Accmor Slow Feed Dog Bowl is made of food-safe and high-quality ABS plastic, PVC, and BPA. This bowl is a phthalate-free one. It comes with non-slip bottom that won’t let the food spill and slide. Your can’t overturn it. You can clean it very easily. It holds up to 2 cups of dog food. This bowl can hold both dry and wet food. You can use this bowl for both puppies and adults. It simply increases the eating time that prevents your dog from choke, canine obesity, and regurgitation.

8.PetCee Slow Feeder Dog Bowl($10.99)

petcee slow feed dog bowl

PetCee Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is made of food-safe and high-strength PP materials. It comes with raised pattern (anti-slip rubber base) that prevents your dog from eating too much food. So this bowl prevents your dog from obesity, flatulence, cardiovascular disease, and other gastrointestinal diseases. This bowl is easy to use and carry. You can use this for all kinds and sizes of dogs. It is available in 4 colours: Red, Lake Blue, Green, and Violet.

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