Bordetella for dogs & cats: Does it safe? Vaccine schedule and side effects

What does it mean?

Bordetella is an infection that affects dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., This affects respiratory tract in the animals. Bordetella is anaerobic bacteria that contains minute gram cocoa bacilli that cause illness to dogs and cats. This affects puppies and kittens, the adult may withstand this disease, but the less immune dogs/cats will get this disease easily. This cough spreads quickly through the kennel, so that’s called as Kennel Cough. The direct contact and sharing contaminated objects of infected animals will spread this disease easily.

Kennel cough Vaccine
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Why should we use this vaccine?

Bordetella vaccine is needed when your dog is going to the groomer, dog park or boarding kennel.

This vaccine is essential for puppies from 8 weeks of its birth. From age 1 this bordetella vaccine is needed every 6 months.


  1. A continuous cough.
  2. Vomiting.
  3. Running nose.
  4. It causes pneumonia, fever, lethargy and even causes death.

Note: In some cases, dogs/cats act normally


  1. This vaccine causes nasal discharge and coughing.
  2. Leads to sneezing.
  3. Excess vomiting and diarrhea with blood ( if it goes, saviour).

Note: Don’t give any antibiotics after giving any vaccine.

Analysis / Cure

The treatment or cure depends on the depth of the infection. If the dogs/cats are active and alert it will have an only minor problem. This needs only a little care like good rest and nutrition. The affected dogs/cats must need suggestions from veterinarian advice. The affected animals should have testings like blood chemistry tests, a complex blood cell count, a urinalysis, fecal examinations and chest X-ray.


  1. Keep the dog kennel isolated from the infected area.
  2. Take good care of dogs/cats.
  3. Take veterinarian advice.
  4. Take dogs vaccine against Bordetella infection.
  5. If the dogs still cough after the vaccine, take complete care and observation.

Note: At times children and adults with less immunity get this infection easily.

Is this vaccine is safe?

The Vaccine against canine infectious bronchitis is really an important part of protecting the infected puppies/kittens. This should be given every 6/12 months. Consult your veterinarian whether your puppies need annual or bi-annual vaccination. This vaccine is safe, but it gives some side-effects to puppies and kittens.

Dogs and cats remain as humble pets for human beings. If they are ill, they seek your help. This kennel disease is not so scary, but if your dogs are with less immunity even your dog may die. This article shows the Bordetella vaccine’s usage, side-effects, and needs. Hope this gives you information about the vaccine.Thanks for reading this article. Leave your comments in the comment area and keep supporting.

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