Place to buy Organic munchkin in USA

This article provides you information about the Organic munchkin and the market spot where to buy organic formula in the USA.

Organic Munchkin

Organic Munchkin replaced its name as Organic Start. This company is one of the leading sellers of Organic formula for babies such as Holle, Hipp, Lebenswert, Topfer, NannyCare, etc., in the USA.

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“Not all parents can breastfeed for various reasons, and in those cases, we want to offer the best this world has to offer directly to your doorstep”

– Peter (CEO and founder of

Organic Munchkin was founded when his wife troubles to feed her triplets. Peter searches for Organic formula and imported formula in bulk amount. He finds that the USA does not have any organic formula for babies, so he starts to start Organic Munchkin company.

  1. Organic Start formula comes for the lowest price.
  2. USPS priority shipping is free on Monday and Saturday.

Note: FDA didn’t allow Holle Formula to sell in the USA.


The FDA has announced that Organic Start and some US retailers are not allowed to import formula since May-2017.

This made difficult for the parents to buy Organic/ high-quality formula. Holle is one of the organic formulae for your babies and this product is available with a retailer in Germany.

There are plenty of formula available in the market, but it makes risky as many formulae contains so inorganic components like DHA & ARA, probiotics, prebiotics, etc.,

Holle is imported from European with 2-3 distributors. Holle has four different stages as it follows:

  • Stage 1- from birth
  • Stage 2 – from 6th month
  • Stage 3- from 10th month
  • Stage 4- from 12th month

These are bought from Europe and sold in the USA to make the parents easy to buy Organic formula for your babies.

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Order Organic Start formulas from

How to contact organic Start formulas in online



3.Coupon(ever after

With these links log in or subscribe to Organic Start to buy organic formula for your babies. Hope this helps to contact Organic Start company easily. Thanks for reading this article.

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