Can My Dog Eat Fried Chicken?

Most of the dog lovers confused when they are trying to introduce their favorite items to their doggy. One of those tempting dishes that make your canine to mouthwatering is fried chicken. Even that name pursuing us to swallow it no! then think about your pet. So you must know whether you can give it to your pooch or not. Also, you need to know the consequences of this too, as a precautionary step to prevent your doggy.

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Fried foods

Normally fried items are having more fat than the raw items. Many dog owners are providing the fried items such as finger fries, chips, fried chicken and so on. But those fried dishes won’t suitable for your pet. Because that may cause digestive issues, and other problems like pancreatitis inflammation, diarrhea and so on. Even you can not see the symptoms outwardly, what your doggy is up to. So you should not allow your pooch to eat fried food items.

What about fried chicken?


You may think chicken is the protein-rich elements which will assure your dog’s health even after frying. As I said, above all fried items are dangerous to your pet, fried chicken is not an exception. Especially the skin of the chicken contains enormous fat that will definitely affect your pet. Especially that greasy part of the chicken will lead your pet to pancreatitis inflammation and other issues. Even it will cause overweight in some cases.

Though the cooked meat is good for pets,  the cooked bones not good for your canine. Because that may break down and injure your pet’s throat and other body parts while digestion. So you should be careful on those things.

Can I give it or not?

From the above discussion, you must come to the conclusion that you should not provide fried chicken to your doggy. Instead, you can give other healthy treats to your pet. Even you can get many luring at the same time healthy treats in the markets. Just give a shot at those things.

Even you may have the habit of giving it occasionally, but you should not make it as a regular habit. Avoiding fried chicken completely will be welcomed.

But you can give raw chicken that will go well with your canine even with puppies.

Wrapping up

Before pleasing your pet with what he/she wants, you have to think twice about the health issues. A big ‘No’ to fried chicken won’t be a merciless act. So don’t confuse by comparing your love with your care. You should be a careful dog parent that will show your real love, isn’t it? A good parent will provide the best stuff to their offspring, so choose the good thing to your four-legged child.

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