Dog Eats Tomatoes-Good or Bad?

Many have the doubt on whether dogs can eat a tomato or not. Even I have the suspect on that because my friend’s pup had the symptoms of bloating. When she considered her doctor only she confirmed that her dog had a tomato allergy. That made me panic because I usually fed my Tinu slice of fresh tomatoes.

After this incident only I examined, that eating tomatoes will cause any side effects and will it hurt dogs. Here I am going to share my analysis of dog eating tomatoes.

Dogs and Tomatoes

dogs eat tomatoes

Dogs and Tomatoes, both are the essential things of our daily life. what will happen if these two things meet with each other? There are plenty of questions regarding that. Can a dog eat a tomato? what will happen if it has it?

Of course, dogs can eat tomatoes, but you should keep an eye on your dog when it eats a tomato. Handle with care, this proverb will be the correct one, I hope so.  Eating tomatoes are good for dogs, at the same time, it will cause some side effects in your pup if you don’t give it properly.

Some parts like leaves, roots, stems are poisonous to dogs, also green tomatoes too dangerous to dogs. Because they have a toxic element named Tomatine, which is a kind of solanine. Which makes some side effects in dogs, like

  • Troublesome breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Salivate or water at the mouth
  • Widen pupils
  • Cardiac pain
  • Stomach upset
  • Inactivity or indolence
  • Stroke
  • Gas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Convulsions

To give or not

are tomatoes safe

As we discussed above, green tomatoes and some parts of tomato are toxic to your doggy. But you can give ripened red coloured tomatoes to eat. Because those ripened tomatoes contain a minimum amount of tomatine. That will not harm your doggy. But please avoid if you are providing tomatoes to your little pup. Because tomatine in ripened tomatoes may harmful to a pup. That their immune system is under development.

Is tomato important?

There is no need to give tomatoes to your doggy. Because you can give the essential nutrition through other food. But what will you do, If your doggy likes them most? Have you to give no? Even tomato is enriched in nutrition, it will help your doggy’s metabolism. So you can give it to your doggy, but you have to concern the bad side of the tomato.

  • Vitamin C –  aids to fight against the free radicals, which cause cancer.
  • Fiber – prevents cardiac health
  • Potassium and low Sodium – taking care of normal blood pressure
  • Choline content – protect cardiac health
  • Folate – helps to level of homocysteine
  • Lycopene}
  • Lutein}
  • Beta-carotene } – protect the eyes
  • Collagen – maintains skin care
  • Vitamin A – important to care for skin and eyes

You can find that there is no mistake if your doggy intake tomatoes. Yes, if we avoid the unwanted parts mean tomato is good for dogs. Even you are giving the ripened red tomatoes you have to wash it thoroughly if you bought it from shops, to avoid the effects of pesticides.

Even you can grow organic tomatoes in your garden but don’t forget to wash them before feeding your dog. also, keep an eye when your dog roaming around your garden because it may eat toxic parts of tomato by chance.

Even you can give cooked tomatoes if you don’t use any other spices. Also, canned tomatoes are safe because mostly they are using ripened tomatoes. But check the ingredients before feeding to your doggy.

What if it has an allergy?

Even sometimes a dog will have an allergic to tomatoes. If you see any symptoms of inflammation, red coloured ear skin, paw biting and licking, nausea, just go to your vet. But easily you can’t identify the symptoms. If you see that kind of symptoms means, its time to meet your doctor.


Here I have mentioned the information which I collected from my vet. It may not the same for every dog, even many dogs eat tomatoes regularly, but nothing that sort happened. So it is based on your doggy. But take care your four-legged friend. Because he/she loves you the most like my Tinu, you have to return it no? If you have any info related to this topic, you can let me know.

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