Can I Give My Dog Raw Marrow Bones?

Whenever introducing a new food for our dogs, there are lots of questions will arise in our mind. Before providing anything for our dogs, we have to examine whether it is good or not for its health. Many dog lovers have a doubt whether raw marrow bones are healthy food or not for their dogs.

In this article, we are going discuss whether raw marrow bones are good or not for your dogs.raw marrow bones for dogs

Are Cooked Bones Safe for Dogs?

No, cooked bones are not safe for dogs. The first thing you have to know is Don’t give cooked bones for your dogs. Because when you cook the bones, they will become dehydrated. Sometimes cooking bones will become sharp and they will easily break. It may hurt mouth or tongue and It may stick in windpipe, stomach, intestines, or esophagus while eating. So it will become dangerous one to dog’s life.

Do Dogs Love Raw Marrow Bones?

Yes, dogs like raw marrow bones like anything. Raw marrow bones contain Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals which are very important to lead a better life.

What type of raw marrow bone should be given to the dogs?

Frozen raw marrow bones are better one for dogs. You have to freeze these bones at least for one day. Because freezing process will destroy parasites, bacteria, etc. If your dog once chews the raw marrow bones, it will become try. So don’t give it again. Just dispose them away. When you get these bone from a wild animal, you have to freeze it at least for 30 days.

Are Raw Marrow Bones Safe for Dogs?

Yes, raw marrow bones are completely safe for our dogs. They are safe for dogs as long as they are raw. So you don’t need to worry whether raw marrow bones are safe or not for your dogs. Don’t give weight bearing bone for your dogs. Feed spines, wings, ribs, and necks. Then only they can easily chew them.

Benefits of Raw Marrow Bones

Rawbones offer an oral workout for dogs. It cleans your Dog’s teeth. Raw bones clear out tartar and plague regularly. Raw marrow bones are an excellent source of calcium, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and essential fatty acids.

So you can feed Raw Marrow Bone for your dogs without any doubt and fear.

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