Clicker Training Your Dogs

Clicker Training, a science-based method that helps to train your dog. It is a type of communication and it is very powerful and perfect way to teach your pet any behavior that your pet can do. Clicker helps you to mark the desired behavior of your pet. This clicker produces the “click” sound which describes the pet that they are doing the right behavior.


How does it work?

The trainer will use the clicker when the dog starts to do his desired behavior. After every clicks the dog will be provided with rewards. As for the dogs, the click sound will be connected with rewards.  The distinction between clicker training and other reward-based is that your dog will be notified exactly which behavior has earned it a reward. If the click sound is not there or if it is not audible, the dog cannot hoop up the reward with the action.

Train Your Dog with A Clickerclicker


Click and Treat – Be sure to provide your dog with treats whenever you clicked the clicker. Even if there is any click without your intentional, don’t forget to provide treats to your dog. Because he knows that he is going to get food as a reward and if there is any failure on rewards, he may lose his attention on the clicker sound.

When you are ready to start clicker training, it is very important to do the procedure in a slow and steady manner. You need to split the behaviors into small steps that are going to be worked out. Make sure that your dog is responding to your training and he is doing it with confidence.

Use the Clicker in Proper Way

It is important to use the right thing for the right purpose. The clicker is used for teaching new behaviors and redefines the behaviors.  You should not use the clicker to get your attention. It should be used as a medium to communicate with your dog. It is a thing that should highlight what behavior makes him gain some rewards.

Guidelines for Using Clicker

  • You have to push and release the springy end of the clicker that produces a two-toned click.
  • It is really important to click when the wanted behavior is occured from your dog but not after it is ended. Provide them with treats after the click. Timing is very essential.
  • Begin the training with small and easy steps like making your dog sit, come forward, lifting its foot.
  • The training should not make them feel bored. So don’t forget to divide the practice sessions.

Dog Training  Clickers

The dog training clickers are produced with the features that make your training process very comfortable. These clickers come with wrist strap, with finger holder and also a variety of colors.

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