How to Dispose/Recycle Single use Batteries

Single use batteries contain numerous material which can be recyclable. Americans buy nearly 180 tons of batteries per year. Over 25-year batteries started to manufacture harmless batteries. This article shows how to dispose of single-use batteries and the types of recycling batteries.

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How to dispose of batteries

  1. Visit for recycling information.
  2. this will give useful resources for recycling.
  3. The home Depot, Lowe’s and Staples collect batteries for recycling.
  4. There are many auto retailer and service centers to recycle the car batteries as well.
  5. The battery contains 55% recycled material, 30% recycled plastic and 40% recycled steel to steel.


  • Never put your battery on fire, because they will explode.
  • The 9v batteries are harmful after usage too.

Recycling Batteries

According to the University of Illinois, every year Americans buy more than 3 billion dry-cell batteries.

1.Car batteries

Car batteries are made of metal plates, plastic, and battery acid. This battery is recyclable. Car batteries contain acid and lead which should not be released in the environment. 98% of car batteries which contain lead and acid can be recycled. For more information contact Earth911.

2.Rechargeable batteries

It should not be thrown into the trash and to be recycled as it contains nickel cadmium this cause damage to soil, water, and air. The warning for recycling should be printed on the backside of the package.

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3.Electronic batteries

These batteries are used in cell phones should be donated or send to an e-waste disposal site.

4.Regular batteries

Regular batteries are used normally in remotes, toys etc. were made of steel, zinc, and manganese that can be thrown into the normal trash. First, they were made of harmful materials like mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, but in the 1990’s the batteries manufacturing removed all the components and made harmless ingredients.

Thanks for visiting this site. Here given the list of recycling batteries and the components contain the battery. Hope this will help you.

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