19 Free 3D Modeling Software You Must to Know

Blender is a open source 3D modeling and animation software to create animated films, visual effect sequences, cartoon animations & games. It provide lot of features such as fluid simulation, sculpting, video editing, rendering and compositing.

Google SketchUp Make
Free 3D drawing tool with lot of options. you can create any kind of surface. It used in architecture, construction, game design and Film. You can export your 3d models as a PDF, image and CAD 3d modeling software

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Browser based 3D modeling software.But it require to enable WebGL on your browser.

Free 3D modeling and animation software. Best one for polygonal modeling. It also provide additional tools create NURBS, curves and patches.

Art Of Illusion
Easy to use open source 3D modeling and rendering application. Its offer subdivision surface based modeling tools, object editor, deformation tools, procedural texture editor and Skeleton based animation. Additionally, it has a graphical language for designing materials and textures.

One of the free tool to create vehicles and other type of 3d models for video games. Free version support Wavefront OBJ import/export, dual screen, X-Box version and EFLC version.

Free topological mesh modeler. Its used by designers, modelers, animators and artists to create complex subdivision surfaces, polygonal meshes, Sculpting etc. It also allow you to print 3D models using 3D printer.

Professional like 3D application for modeling and character animation. Similar to 3Ds max and Maya. It provide features like 3D modeler, openGL, import other application files(3D Studio, Lightwave, wavefront), export files with various formats(.AVI movie, JPG image), 3D object browser and ray tracer to create photo realistic images.

Opensource software with lot of features. Polygon, subdivision, NURBS modeling, morphing, skinned mesh animation and import Canal/Blaxxun Avatar studio avatars.

Cross platform geometry modeling software with interactive editor includes image & signal processing tools.

Real time 3D animation and modeling software based on drag and drop approach. It provide different kind of tools like 3D primitives building tools, sculpt, deform and paint 3D shapes. Support lot of 3D file formats for import and export (Maya (rtg), Quicktime 3D, RealiMation, RenderWare, RenderMan (rib), AutoCAD (dxf)2, DirectX (x)).

Easy to learn 3D solid CAD system. Design geometric elements based on lines, curves, circles, cones and cylinders.

3D CAD and Motion Simulation software. It provide lot of options like kinematics, dynamics, physics and machine design.

Bishop3D is a wonderful application to create photorealistic models. Actually it use POV-Ray SDL script to render your models.

Software to visualize mathematical models in different dimensions. Its also support Parametric equations and Isosurfaces.

DesignWorkshop Lite
Freeware 3D software to create models based on architecture, landscapes, product design, urban design and exhibits.

GDesign 2.0
2D/3D free generative art application. You can build architecture models, organic forms, complex models using DOL. It allow to export your models to TGA, bitmaps, POVRAY and 3D Max Scripts.

Sweet Home 3D
Free and open source application to create interior designs, draw plans and arrange furniture included 60 new free 3D models & 84 texture libraries. Its available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS x and Solaris.

3DVIA Shape
Best one for 3D beginners. It allow users to create and share 3D shape, architecture building in online for free. Its provide many features such as Anaglyph Mode to view models via 3D glasses(red/blue), multitouch for tablet PCs, deform, resolve, offset, mirror geometry, distance snapping, draw on curved surfaces and paint models.