15 Free Filmmaking Books You Should Know

Free Filmmaking books about pre-production, screenwriting, cinematography, cameras, lighting, dslr filmmaking, smartphone filmmaking, post production, film marketing and crowdfunding.

free filmmaking books

Free books based on Pre-Production

#1. Making Better Movies with MovieStorm

MovieStorm is a 3D animation software  to make movie pre-visualization. This is a free guide to learn basics.

Volume 1 – Basic Camera WorkVolume 2 – StagingVolume 3 – Sound & Light


#2. How to Make a Storyboard  – Movie Storyboarding Examples.

Screenwriting Books

Joe’s Guide to a Professional Looking Screenplay – Best book to learn about screenplay formatting and script registration.

How did they write it –  This book provide example action scenes, phone conversations, montage etc.

Feature Screenwriters Workbook – This book provide many useful information about  history of screenplay manuals, what is a screenplay, theme, creative process etc.

How to be a Hollywood screenwriter – Another one book about screenwriting.


Film Production

The DSLR Cinematography Guide (from nofilmschool) – This is a great one to learn basic cinematography concepts, choosing a DSLR camera, lenses, matte box, field monitor and some importance topic about cinematography.

Kodak The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers – This book provide technical information about cameras, lenses, light, light meters, film selection and post production. You can also learn other useful information about filmmaking such as motion picture film principles, film types and formats, filmmaking resources, film storage and handling.

Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking with the iPad & iPhone – Best book to learn about smartphone filmmaking.

Inside topics

  • Shooting videos with your iPhone and iPad
  • Production directories
  • Location Scouting & Tech scouting
  • Scheduling & Call sheets
  • Release forms & contracts

ARRI Lighting Handbook – Best book to learn about lighting theories & techniques, choosing a light source and different types of lights(include technical data).

Kodak Lighting – Another book to learn about cine lighting.


Post Production

Adobe Creative Suite 5 tips and tricks – Learn DSLR video editing with Adobe Creative Suite 5 software (Adobe premiere pro, after effects, Photoshop and Adobe bride).

SuperMag Issue No. 4 (49.57Mb, PDF)

This magazine covers lot of video editing and visual story telling topics.

  • 20 filmmaking lessons and 10 directors tips
  • Future of Post Production Editing
  • Editing a Canon 5D Mark II Multicam Concert Shoot
  • Beginner guide to shooting Stereoscopic 3D
  • How to make Videos Without a Video Camera
  • Managing Audio Layers in Fianl cut pro for Final Mixing
  • Making Video Look More Like Film
  • Stereo Workflow between FCP & Smoke 2011
  • How to prepare RED 4K footage for DVD and online output
  • Self-Distributing Your Movie

The Basics of Video Editing: Notes – Free book to learn about premier pro workflow, capturing/importing your footage, editing and transitions, exporting your edit. exporting with final cut & compressor, exporting with premiere pro and adobe media encoder.

Adobe Premiere Elements 9 guide – Free book to learn about video editing using adobe premiere elements.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 guide  – Free Photoshop user manual.


Film Marketing and crowdfunding

The Crowdfunding bible  – Free book to learn crowd funding campaign and how to raise money for your film project.

The Modern Movie Making Movement – This book covers topics about successful screenwriting, making the most of movie money, ways to finance a feature film, fundraising & crowdfunding, modern guerrilla filmmaking, film marketing, distribution and sell your movie without middle man.


Film Career

How to launch your film career in the camera department + Resume Templates (19.1 MB) – The Black and Blue

Book to learn career opportunities in camera department. This book cover many topics such as film school vs no film school, film industry  job search, money management tips,  formatting your freelance resume, tips to boost your professionalism.


Other books

Take Action and make your Movie Now – Filmmaking guide to learn useful filmmaking tips, tools and tactics.

If  you knew any other free books, do let us via comment.

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