Gabapentin for Dogs and Side Effects

Your pooch may suffer from chronic pain or seizure and you need to search for the medication to cure that. Gabapentin will be helpful to protect your dog from those kinds of illness. Even though it is not FDA approved for dogs, it is one of the medication your vet uses to prescribe.



Gabapentin, known by the brand name of Neurontin that first used for treating seizures. Also, it has proven to be a great medication for chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, anxiety in human.

Later this Gabapentin is practiced on dogs to prevent seizures and chronic pain. Gabapentin pills that are meant for humans will be poisonous to your dog. So it is very important to use the Gabapentin that is mentioned as Safe for Veterinary use.

Dosage of Gabapentin For Dogs

Generally, the dosage of medication depends on the condition that is going to be treated.

For treating Seizures – To protect your dog from seizures, the average dose is 4.5mg – 13.5mg/pound. This dose can be given to your dog two or three times a day.

For Treating Chronic Pain – the usage of dose for treating chronic pain is less than for treating seizures. You can give your dog 1.4mg/pound one time in a day.

If it becomes effectless and you will be recommended to increase the dosage of  Gabapentin with your vet’s concern.

Note – By chance if your dog consumes an overdose of Gabapentin and it will cause depression and excessive. So immediately contact your vet for emergency help.

Easy  to Carryout Gabapentin on Dogs

This medication, Gabapentin can be taken with other painkillers if your dog has a serious illness of chronic pain. And it is not an easy task to give your dog the capsule of Gabapentin and you need to provide the pills more than one time to your dog.

To make your duty so easy, there are some ways. This Gabapentin can be taken with food. You can mix the gabapentin with the dog’s food. It will be an easy way that helps you to finish your work fastly.

Side effects

Generally, every medication that is chemical will have some side effects on the body. There are some side effects caused by Gabapentin. If you find changes in your dog, contact your vet before giving any other medications. The side effects include diarrhea and vomiting, sedation, loss of balance. The side effect diarrhea and vomiting will lead to dehydration. Sedation is considered as most common side effects on the dogs.

Your dog may be affected by other kinds of side effects such as swelling and allergens and struggling to breathe.

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