Get Rid of Indoor Mosquitoes : Repellents and Candles

Mosquito Repellants and candles

Mosquitoes are a dangerous one. It causes many diseases. So, we should protect ourselves from mosquito bites. If mosquitoes are in the outdoor or backyard, we can use chemicals or any other mosquito repellent to kill them. To kill indoor Mosquitoes, we don’t use chemicals because safety is important for us. Is there any way to get rid of this problem without using chemicals? We have the solution for it. Here we have mentioned some indoor Mosquitoes repellents. It will definitely kill them easily. Let see those repellents.

 First Do this:

Mosquitoes or any other insects come from opened windows. So, we have to use screens for windows and doors. This is not necessary for all windows and doors. You can use the screens for windows which are opened often.

Best and Natural Indoor Mosquito Repellents

1. Natural Tulsi Leaves Powder

Tulsi helps to kill Mosquito larvae and it’s the best natural way to kill them. When you use this on your windows, mosquitoes won’t come inside of your house. This is a pure herb and it’s called holy basil. Tulsi is used for cooking in India. If Mosquito bites, you can use this oil to the bite area.

2. Flashvin Bug Zapper Mosquito Zapper ($39.98)


  • This is a 4000V bug zapper that comes with the replacement bulb.
  • Flyer killer will attract the mosquitoes and other bugs and will give an electric shock of 4000V.
  • The gap between the zapper will allow the insects and mosquitoes to pass through inside it.
  • Since it is designed in this type, this will not bring any harm to children and kids.

3. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 4 Pack ($25.00)



  • This pest repeller will protect you from mosquitoes which will safeguard you and your family.
  • It is environment friendly and has the same capacity to be safe for kids.
  • By using this you can keep your home free from mosquitoes
  • So you buy this for sure and keep your house mosquito-free.

4. Lime Citronella (Mosquito Repellant) ($14.49)


  • Citronella oil has a very good fragrance and will repel mosquitoes.
  • The smell of this Lime Citronella will last for 40 hours.
  • You can pour this scent into the place where your home is occupied with mosquitoes.
  • You don’t want to smell the bad odor but also can kill the mosquitoes. When you two in one facility, who will say “No” to it.

5. Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic 


  • Three function modes are available. Blue, green, red colors are present.
  • In this, Blue color is audible and red color is audible.
  • It works with low-frequency ultrasonic waves.
  • It covers 80 to 120 meters and you have kept this in one room since the waves cannot penetrate through other waves.

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