Can I Give Hot Dog To My Dog To Eat?

We always have a question while trying to give new food item to our pets. One of the suspicious things is “hot dogs”. Many of the dog parents would like to give hot dogs to their pooch, because of its name itself. But as always you should know the outcomes and health benefits of that before trying it. Let’s see the relationship between dogs and hot dogs.

About hot dogs

Hot dogs are the tasty meat source it will definitely tempt your doggy to have it. Normally hot dogs contain many elements which are not good for dogs. Also, it contains a maximum number of salt which is usually not preferable to your pet.

Even which has Sodium Nitrate that will lead to some dangerous outcomes. Because sodium nitrate will cause cancer, also you have to avoid this if your doggy has issues with liver, heart, and kidney. So veterinarians always recommend that the dog owners should avoid much salt from their dog’s diet. As we discussed above hot dogs contain a maximum number of sodium nitrate.

Even the ingredients like garlic and onion in hot dogs will affect your pooch because that thing will always cause some health problems to your canine. Also, hot dogs are low in nutritional values because it is enriched in fat.

Even they are using artificial sugars and other preservatives in order to avoid the growth of bacteria in hot dogs. This will not go well with your dog’s stomach.

Can I give it or not?

hot dog

Yes, you can provide this to your dog but occasionally because you know why from the previous discussion. Also just provide the small piece of hot dog, it will exceed in salt. Even cooked hot dog is better than the raw one. Because that raw meat may have some bacteria so you need to avoid that. Don’t give a full hot dog to your pooch, a  piece of a hot dog is enough that too occasionally. Also, avoid to give it with bread it increases the fat level.

Side effects & symptoms

The sodium nitrate in hot dogs will cause dehydration. Even at times, this will lead to high blood pressure. Excessive intake of hot dog will create obesity and other digestive issues.

There are some symptoms you can witness to your pets after eating hot dogs, like vomiting, low in appetite. Extra intake of hot dogs will cause temporary side effects like diarrhea if it continuous you need your veterinarian’s help.

What can I do?

Now you can understand that tasty hot dogs are having some black sides too. Once in a while, you can give this but don’t make it as a regular habit. Instead of this you also can try other healthy fruits and veggies even just give a shot on healthy and tasty raw dog food on the market to make your canine to be happy.

Final thought

There is no mistake when thinking to surprise your pooch to be happy by giving mouth-watering treats. But you need to know the details of that particular food, along with this you can also have your vet’s advice. Give the best to your four-legged bestie.

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