Is Greek Yogurt Good for Your Dog?

Every dog parent gets confused when suggesting new nutrients to their four-legged friend. One of those confused treats is Greek Yogurt. Many have the doubt whether Greek yogurt is good or bad for canines. Because the probiotics in Greek yogurt is helpful for dog’s stomach. But it is a dairy product that causes the doubt.

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Greek yogurt

Normally yogurt contains vitamins, protein, B6, B12, zinc, potassium, calcium that tempt you to serve it to your pet. That Greek yogurt is a thickest smooth cream, which is enriched with probiotics and contains less amount of lactose. Even it has doubly protein while comparing with normal yogurt. Probiotics in Greek yogurt helps the dogs to escape from yeast infections.

Also, Greek yogurt is much better than the normal yogurt. Because that the whey or extra straining process that helps to reduce the lactose level in yogurt. Even the potassium level in Greek yogurt is low. As we discussed above this is useful for canines digestive system with the Lactobacillus Acidophilus. a living bacteria.

Overall that the probiotics in Greek yogurt enhance the immune system.

Can I give?

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Absolutely YES. Normally this fermented treat won’t upset your puppy’s tummy like other dairy products. If your dog hasn’t lactose intolerance you can give this because the lactose level in Greek yogurt is less than milk. Dogs which are having food allergy with protein-rich foods like meat, you can choose Greek yogurt as a substitute to get rich protein.

Some dogs can digest it well, but most of the canines have the problem to digest it. Even at times, it causes vomiting, diarrhea, gas.

How to choose?

  • Avoid those are added with artificial sweeteners and flavors. Choose fat-free or low fat plain Greek yogurt.
  • Also, choose the one which contains the live bacteria to get the total benefit of the Greek yogurt.

How to serve?

Just spread the spoonful of Greek yogurt on your dog’s food. But you shouldn’t serve yogurt regularly. Serve it occasionally, like a dog treat.

At last…

So far we have discussed many things about Greek yogurt and dogs. Now the choice is yours. If you feel that your doggy can digest it, you can serve it wholeheartedly, otherwise think twice. Not only Greek yogurt, you have to take care you four-legged friend carefully. Because a dog is the only thing on earth, that loves you more than you love yourself.

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