What do groundhogs like to eat and drink

About Groundhogs

Groundhog is a kind of rodent. It is also known as marmot, whistle-pig. Mostly we can see them in the garden. They are purely vegetarians. If they come into the garden, it will destroy our garden quickly. Some people will allow them to live in their garden and they will allow them to eat what they want. Some people will search so many ways to get rid of them. It is the member of the squirrel family. IIt’sfamous nickname is woodchuck but they have nothing to do with wood.

Characteristic of Groundhogs

Characteristic of Groundhogs

  1. It has large suitable teeth to grind their food. It has teeth like a chisel.
  2. Contains brown fur, round body with a small tail, strong and small legs, and little round eyes.
  3. Groundhog can dig the ground from 8 – 66 feet.
  4. It will eat between the early morning and afternoon.
  5. They can climb anywhere.
  6.  The living period is around 3-6 years.
  7. Sometimes they will eat insects.

Food for Groundhogs

Groundhog will eat wild grasses, berries and agricultural crops.  Peas, sweetcorn, lettuce, peaches, string beans, cantaloupe, vanilla extract, plantain, soy beans are the favorite foods to groundhogs. Many people will use these things to trap them. Farmers are affected by this groundhogs. Because they will dig the lands and destroy everything. They consider them as a big headache.

Residence for Groundhogs

Groundhogs will dig the ground and make a tunnel to live. Groundhogs are living lonely. They are called as “ true hibernators “. ” True hibernators are the ones who can reduce their body temperature below 20 degrees Celsius, “ says Zervonos. That time its heartbeat gets down from 80 beats to 5 beats. In winter its body temperature and heart rate will fall dramatically. Groundhogs love to wake up early.

The ways to get rid of groundhogs

The ways to get rid of groundhogs

  1. We can make a fence. It will stop them from getting into the garden. When we make a fence, we should make from two feet under the ground.
  2. Flying blood meal, black pepper, dried blood, or talcum powder to chase them from a garden.
  3. Take puree, pepper, and garlic, then mix them with water and liquid soap. After that spray it in the garden.
  4. Dig the ground and put some strong smelling substance in the garden which will not affect anyone.
  5. You can spray the urines of wolf, fox, coyote, bobcat, and human in the garden to dispel them.
  6. Destroy the nests of groundhogs. We can see their nests in woodpiles.
  7. They will only live in the tunnels which are always empty, so you should fill tunnels. Some people will prefer cement to fill the tunnels.
  8. You can use traps to catch them.Use carrots, lettuce, sweet corn, and apple slices as a trap.
  9. You can throw the human hair and clothes also in the garden. Because they are scared of human smells.
  10. Spray the lemon ammonia into the tunnel and close it.
  11. Sprinkle the bleach around the garden area.
  12. Use chlorine tablets to guard your pools.

Note: Don’t use any kind of poison to kill them. Because if you have children in your home, it will affect them

Ways to recognize groundhog harms

Ways to recognise groundhog harms

  1. Teeth marks in the plants, trees, and wood.
  2. A heap of soil where the groundhog digs the tunnel.
  3. Harmed vegetable grains on the ground.
  4. Digging holes in the garden and lawn areas.
  5. Bitten wires, tubing and irrigation systems.
  6. Damaged foundations of buildings.


Groundhogs disturb the normal life of human beings. Some of the people allow them to live in their garden. And they give food to them. Most of the people are searching the way to chase them. If you read above things,  you can know about groundhogs and their actions. And you can see the tips to chase them from your garden.

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