Homemade pregnancy test

Even Though we live in robotics era, there are some things which are inevitable. One of them is motherhood. It is a hike in women life. There are ample of methods up to date to confirm one’s pregnancy. But the homemade pregnancy tests are still in peak among women. This kind of DIY [do it yourself] methods is easy and in-privacy. Natural tests are more beneficial. Given below details will be valuable to you. Let’s probe on this methods.

Assets of homemade pregnancy test

The DIY tests that we have undergone will be unrevealed one, because in this kind of DIY tests keeping secrecy is the prominent thing and assure one’s space or privacy. Sometimes you may feel unease to buy a pregnancy test in stores, to avoid such embarrassment, natural methods will help a lot to you. Also, natural tests are inexpensive too.

Functioning of this tests

Some may unsure about the results in the homemade tests because nowadays most of the ladies rely on OTC pregnancy tests. Even that will not give 100% surety. Comparing with OTC, home made tests are much better to try.  All the pregnancy tests can identify the hormone called as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Pregnant women only can produce this hormone. So this tests can help you to confirm your conception naturally.



Each woman has a distinctive generative system, so the symptoms will change in pregnant women. But every woman will miss their menstrual cycle.

  1. Vomiting
  2. Repeated excretion
  3. Laziness
  4. Strong desire for irregular food
  5. Diversification in mood
  6. Enlarged boobs also susceptibility while touching
  7. Smelling sense will be odd
  8. Morning sickness
  9. Swelling abdomen
  10. Become greedy

These symptoms are not same with every woman. Because some may undergo first trimester asymptomatic, those will not experience symptoms. This manifestation will last for 12-16 weeks or so on.

Note: To avoid the vomiting keep the crackers adjoining to you.

Time to test

It will take some more time to undergone pregnancy tests. If you experience the above signs mean you can test yourself. But sometimes the test will be in negative though you may have the doubt to be positive. It may occur sometimes before the production of the hormones. If you doubt the result you can check as many times you want with this natural tests. Because these tests are applicable and economical.

OTC tests <>  natural tests

Both tests are sometimes mistaken and performance will be different based on the many things. But according to the reports, OTC are most dependable, because of their capacity to find the hormone, faster than the natural tests. But this will not be the right choice for the woman who desires secrecy. Even the homemade tests can detect the  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in urine and can give assurance to you.

Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar test

To test the pregnancy with sugar you have used first urine soon after waking up from your sleep. Take some 2-3 Tsp of sugar in a bowl and mix the urine with it. If you witness the sugar begins clump or lump means the result is the positive one. If it begins to dissolve or mix in with urine means the result is negative.

Note: For most of the pregnancy tests you have to use your first urine. So save your first urine in a sealable container, by this can use it later.

Soap Pregnancy Test

soap test


Take a small piece of soap, and add your urine in that. If the soap bubbles, that ensure your pregnancy.

A Jar Pregnancy Test

Jar test

Take a jar which has a flat surface and saves ½ cup of your urine in that jar. Let it for 24 hours. If you can witness thin white layer at the top of the urine means, it ensures the positivity of your pregnancy. If it not so you can try it once more, to confirm it.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine Sol Test


Take a cup of Pine Sol and mix it with your urine. Let it be for some time. If the mixture of two liquids color changes means you’re pregnant. There is no change in color means you can try again.

Note: It’s clinically proved this anti-bacterial Pine Sol can use to test pregnancy.

The Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Dandelion greens

Through the dandelion leaves, you can confirm your status. Collect 2 cups of dandelion leaves and put them into the plastic bowl or container. Then soak the leaves by pouring your urine. Leave it for 10 minutes, then check that. If you can see any blisters or red bumps on the leaves mean you are pregnant. If there is no reaction check it once in awhile.

Note: Keep the dandelion leaves away from the direct sunlight once you have collected it. Because sunlight may affect the leaves result.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar test

Pour ½ cup of white vinegar in a bowl. Add your first urine of the day in white vinegar. Wait for some time. If the color changes mean you are going to b a mother. But before using white vinegar check its expiry date. We don’t know the exact amount of vinegar and urine to add.

Tooth paste Pregnancy Test

toothpaste test

Take 2 tbsp of white tooth paste and add your urine in that. You may see the toothpaste change into blue in color or it will form a foam. That will ensure the pregnancy. If there is no reaction means you have to for sometimes, because the reactions depend upon the surroundings, calamity.

Note: We don’t know the exact amount of paste, urine to use in the test and how long time we need to wait. Sometimes the toothpaste can froth even the woman not even pregnant because it can foam in urine when you left it for some time. So sometimes it will give inaccuracy.

Vinegar and Tuna Juice Pregnancy Test

Vinegar Tuna Juice

You also can add ½ cup of Tuna juice along with the equal amount of white vinegar. Then let them overnight to set out for room temperature. Next, add your morning urine. If the color change into dark green in color means that you are pregnant.

Note: If the concoction becomes yellowish color it indicates that you are not pregnant.

Liquid or powder Bleach Pregnancy Test

Liquid powder Bleach

You can use liquid or bleach powder to test your pregnancy. Take ¼  -½  cup of liquid bleach. Or if you have powder bleach mean you have to take  ¼ cup of filtered water then mix it with bleach powder. After this, you need to add your urine in that. Then wait for the mixture to react. If you see any bubbles, foam, any hissing sounds. It indicates your pregnancy.

Red Cabbage Natural Pregnancy Test

Red cabbage


This test has the exclusive quality than other tests. Through this cabbage pregnancy test, you can predict the gender of the baby. First, you have to take one cabbage and slice into two. Then put that cabbage into a pan of water and boil it for 10 minutes. Drain the water once it becomes cool. Save it in a jar. Next, collect the equal quantity of your urine in another jar. Stir them well. If the color is stable means you will have a baby girl….like that if it changes into pinkish or red shade means a boy baby will call you as the mama.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Baking soda

Via this too, we can detect the gender-specific of your baby. Take 2 tbsp of baking soda in a bowl. Then combine it with your first urine of the day. If the bubbles pop up means you will be a mother of a baby boy. If there are any reactions mean you are waiting for a cute baby girl.

Note: Also handle baking soda with care.

Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

Mustard powder


Collect a bowl of Mustard powder. Then fill your bathtub with warm water. Mix that bowl of mustard powder in the bathtub. Stir it well with your hands. You have to take a  bath at least 45 minutes. Then wait for 2-3 days after that bath. If your menstrual period doesn’t start even after 2-3 days means you are pregnant.

Drain – O

Drain O

Take ¼ cup of Drain – O in a bowl, and add your urine. If the concoction changes into bluish green means the result is positive.

Note: This Drain – O is a dangerous one, because of the venomous components. While you are mixing them please avoid splashing or spattering.

Latch Pregnancy Test


Take a container and put a latch in that container. The urinating in the container which holds the latch. Let it be for 3 days. If you witness impression or impact of the latch in the bottom of the container means you will be a mom.

With the Seeds of Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test


This is a valuable one among the tests. Collect ½  cup of each Barley and Wheat seeds. Then admix them well and pour your urine on that. Leave it for few days to react. If you see the seeds will sprout, you are going to be a mummy.

Tylenol and Peroxide Pregnancy test

tylenol pregnancy test

First aid box even helps you to find out your status. Take ¼ cup of Peroxide in a plastic bowl then put 2 Tylenol tablets. Then add ¼ cup of your urine and observe the reaction. If the mixture turns into blue in color, that assures your pregnancy. If there is no change in color means the result become adverse.

Wine Pregnancy Test

wine pregrancy test


To check you are pregnant are not take ½ cup of each wine and your urine. Mingle them well and leave it for 10 minutes. If the color changes you are pregnant.

Additional inkling

DIY tests only to confirm you, that doesn’t mean to avoid normal care all along your pregnancy. Also, you can’t get the accurate result very early stage of pregnancy. It will work when you start missing your periods. As per the reports that we can only detect hCG in pregnant woman 11 days after the pregnancy and in urine 12-14 days after conceiving. As per the For most of the test you have to use the first urine of the day. So save it in a sealable container for later use. Before undergoing these tests you need to observe the normal symptoms of pregnancy. Also, the quantities you are taking for the tests will be important. And you need to away from the concoction once you have made. Because that will cause some kind of breathing issues. Better to put a mask to close your mouth and nose while DIY tests. That the containers you are using must be in plastic. Also dispose of the container as soon as you done DIT test.

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After Green Light

after assurance

You have to consult a good gynecologist to get the 100% assurance. Also to ensure the mother and baby’s health. It will help to find if there any infections, iron deficiency, blood type, RH factor. Also succeeding tests will help to discover the health problems like diabetes, HIV, down syndrome and also eradicate the detected problems before it will spread. This test will help you to know the arrival of the baby, with the technologies in the medical field nowadays.

Pros and cons

DIY pregnancy tests are inexpensive at the same time don’t need to step out of your house. These kind of tests are the gifts from our grandmas and great grandmoms. Even Though some of the tests give the confirmation we you have to consult a gynecologist.

But some of these kind of tests will not give the assurance all the time. DIY tests like bleach, will not safe at times. But to ensure pregnancy you have to try all the tests one after another. Homemade pregnancy tests will not work out if you conduct them before 6 days before your due date of coming menstrual period. So if you do it before your due date mean it will not work out.

At last….

Motherhood is a dream of every woman. When she becomes a mother she feels that she got everything. Also the responsibility will start on the first day of your pregnancy. So handle the things during that time with care. That time you have to take care your unborn baby along with yourself. So consult your doctor to save and take care your baby and your mom’s baby too.

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