How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast – Cure Constant Headache

Every day will be an awesome day when we are physically fit to face it. But if we get head ache then the whole day will be ruined by the pain. With many reason we get head ache, like stress, lack of energy, dehydration, due to certain food and many more. We can’t spare our whole day to entertain that head ache; we need some fast remedies to get out of it. Eating tablets will increase your side effects than increasing your relief. So in this post i have suggested some home remedies to treat head ache and to get rid of it soon. So guys check it out……


Remedy by food

Method 1: Take a glass of Hot Water

Boiling Water

As soon as you get the sensation of head ache, take a glass of hot water and stay calm. You will feel better soon. Try this first you will get good result soon.

Method 2: Hot water bag

hot water bag

Take pain by pain. So, take hot water bag and place it on your back of your neck.

This will give you soothing effect and soon you will get relief.

Method 3: Drink Hot coffee


Some of us have the habit of having coffee, if you get head ache during your office timing then try to take hot coffee that time. This may give you the chance of getting out of head pain.

Note: This method may suit for some person who take coffee regularly.

Method 4: Take Lemon


  1. Try to take warm lemon water.
  2. Take ½ spoon or 1 spoon of lemon water.
  3. Mix it with warm water and have it.
  4. This also gives you best results.

Method 5: Get the help of pepper mint

pepper mint

Pepper mint can quickly help you to get rid of your head ache in many ways.

Pepper mint oilApply pepper mint oil on you head and massage slowly.

Pepper mint tea: Prepare pepper mint tea by adding peppermint to boiling hot water. Drink it slowly then you will feel relieved from head ache.

Method 6: Cinnamon can work on it

cinnamon spice

Cinnamon is another remedy for your head ache by cold air. Some of the people get head ache when they inhale most cold air and when they find themselves very chill. So prepare Cinnamon paste.

  1. Grind cinnamon and add warm water.
  2. Apply this paste on your head.
  3. You will feel better soon.

Method 7: Take Nuts


Rather than taking tablets you can take nuts to get rid of headaches. Take nuts like Almond which can give good nutrients to your body. And it will act against head ache.

Method 8: Use Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Apply Eucalyptus oil on your head and massage gently. Generally if you apply this oil without head pain then you will find burning sensation. But if you apply during your head ache. That time you will not get that burning sensation and you can feel the slow reduction of pain.

Method 9: Eat Ginger

ginger root

  1. Take a fresh ginger and cut it into small slices.
  2. Boil water and add these slices.
  3. Inhale the hot aroma of this hot ginger water and drink it slowly.
  4. Ginger can give you quick relief soon.

Method 10: Betel leaves

betel leaves

Betel leaves has good cooling effect. Sometimes head ache may arise due to tension. During that time grind this betel leaves into fine paste and apply it on your head. It’s cooling effect can remove the head ache.

Remedy by Regular change

Method 1: Find the root of head ache

thing a way

If you get the head ache periodically then first find the causes of head ache. Like sometimes when work for long time you’ll get head ache. Some times when you feel stressed then you can get head ache. So find the root of the head ache then you can slowly reduce the repetation of the head ache.

Method 2: Do regular exercise


Doing exercise regularly not only makes you physically fit but also helps to work against some physical problems like this head ache. So try some simple physical exercise regularly which can give you better results.

Method 3: Do Yoga and Meditation


Doing yoga and meditation can help you greatly. When you make yoga it will give mental relaxation so, the chances of getting head ache is reduced.

Method 4: Be calm

Calm Down

Whenever you feel stressed or tired try to calm yourself by saying yourself that “you are calm and peaceful and happy”. “You are relaxed and you can handle any situation”. This is not really joke. This will give you surprising results. If you get success from this result then you can manage yourself and you don’t need to go for any remedies.

Method 5: Do Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise

Doing breathing exercise is good habit. This can not only control or break your head ache but also control your blood pressure sugar level and even it prevents heart from many problems.

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