How to Get Rid of Mice in House, Apartment, Attic Naturally

Mice are commonly seen in home and field, where they can get their source of food and shelter. They create lot of problem when they appear in our house. Mouse makes noise that disturbs our sleep ,even some diseases are spread by them. Sometimes they damage our furniture, walls, clothes and also chew cables that may cause fire accidents. Yes, mouse are very mischievous creatures which has to be eliminated from our shelters. Some useful methods of controlling mice is discussed in this post.

get rid of mice in the house

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Mouse choose our house if they get lot of food for them. Stop providing food for Mice. We can store all our food items in tightly closed containers .It can be plastic or glass container they must have tight lids. Avoid using paper packages. If we have pets we should not feed them often between meal time which may become food source for mice. If we miss food items spilled in dinning table, its enough for a mice to be invited. Better to have some free area than dumbing home with things. We can keep our dust bin some meters away from our house since mouse gets attracted to it.

cleaning house

We can also call exterminators to have a better cleaning process.

Peppermint natural deterrent

Using peppermint oil is a natural deterrent against mouse. The smell of peppermint oil is very intense for mouse and so they will not go near it. We put a few drops in a cotton and place those cotton balls in places where mouse frequent in our house .We can also grow peppermint plants in the possible entry areas of mice, it helps peppermint for mice deterrent purpose and cooking.


Place kitty litter tubs

place kitty litter tubs

Mice can understand the smell of cat’s urine and thus we can keep a tubs of used kitty litter in the entry areas of mouse. We can also have cats as our pets which gives us a natural remedy against mouse.

Place some dried snake poo

Rodents are scared and could smell snakes also. Placing some dried snake poo collected from zoo, reptile center, pet store or temples for snake would help. A little sample of it is enough just place it in places of mice entry.

Close possible entries

If we find any hole in our living area created by mice just close those holes. We have to make sure that the mice is not trapped inside the whole which may lead to new holes. So we can seal the holes in walls or any other places using appropriate materials. Make sure that all our ventilations are less than half inch if it is more than that then mice can easily come through so we can use aluminium or steel netting to stop them.

mouse house

Using poison against mice

We have lot of poison to kill mice. We have to be caution because mice poison would kill anyone who tries it. We have to search for the dead animals since poison do not kill mice immediately becomes a problem if we cannot find the dead ones.

mouse poisoned

Ultrasonic devices

We can buy a ultrasonic device against mice. Mice gets irritated by the noise created by this device and leave the place.

ultrasonic devices for mice

Mouse traps

mouse traps

Things to consider while choosing mousetrap

  • Efficiency in catching mouse regularly.
  • Easy and safe for us to operate.
  • Kill mouse fast or do not kill them at all.
  • Cleaning must be easy and not collapsed,
  • Long lasting life.

Sticky trap

Get some special glue for rodents that are available in the stores. Apply it in the small pieces of cardboard. Place them in mouse place. When mouse gets stick to the glue we can throw them away along with the card board.

Kness manufacturer snap E mouse trap

snap e mouse trap

The snap E trap is better than the standard traditional mouse trap. The device does the same what our traditional mouse trap but better, faster and efficient than the standard one.

The Mice cube 12-reusable humane mouse trap

mice cube

A different kind of mousetrap for trapping mouse alive and released back into wild area away from our home. We can keep the mouse bait can be placed at the back may be a peanut butter. The mice cube has section design measuring 2 inches by 2 inches by 5.75inches. There is a swinging door that can be opened from outside and not from inside to trap the mouse that comes for the smell of bait.

The Victor M240-Electronic mouse trap

victor electronic mouse trap

An electronic mouse trap which can kill the mouse that comes for the bait in less than three seconds. We place the bait in the trap while it is switched off and then switch on. When the mouse reaches the kill chamber it is killed and there is no choice of getting bait and escaping. The mouse have to cross the kill chamber for bait which is not possible they die in the kill chamber. It can kill 50 numbers in single battery. Since it is battery operated it is portable. And the mouse killed by electric shock so no dirty work to clean.

Mouse traps discussed are considered sample models for large number of devices available in the market. According to our need we can choose the traps to get rid of mouse.

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