How to Get Rid of Spiders in Home using Natural Repellent Spray

Spiders really give an scary look if they occupy our place. The beneficial facts is that spiders also help us from other insects like flies, mosquitoes by feeding on them. For the reason it feeds on insects, it cannot be allowed to be a part of our home, they give an dirty look to our home. Although we vacuum regularly to completely get rid of spiders. But we need some more methods.

wolf spider


As we know, vacuuming the whole house we can remove spider webs. We also have to search for their eggs in the darkest areas of our home and eliminate them for future prevention.

detailed vacuuming

Sprayers ( Create natural spider repellent spray)

Homemade peppermint sprayer


Take a spray bottle. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil and a little liquid dish soap. Fill the remaining with water and spray in places where spiders frequent. Spiders hate peppermint and it prevents their entry.


Homemade Vinegar and coconut oil spray


In a clean spray bottle add vinegar and coconut oil in equal proportion. Spray the mixture in all areas where spiders are seen often especially windows, doors, basement and under beds.

vinegar and coconut oil

Homemade citrus oil spray


Extract the juice of limes, lemon and orange dilute them with water. Add it in a spray bottle. Spray in the areas where we see spiders often .The spray also gives good aroma inside home.

fruits lemon orange

Homemade flower essential oil spray


Mix five to seven drops of any flower essential oil like rosemary or lavender with 2 cups of water and a little liquid dish soap. Fill it in a spray bottle spray in areas of spider survival.

lavender oil

Homemade spider stay away spray

  • Pure essential oil either peppermint, tea tree, citrus, lavender or neem oil.
  • A reusable spray bottle
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Warm water
  • A dash of white vinegar


Take a reusable spray bottle and fill it with five to seven drops of any of the essential oil mentioned. If there is more than oil add them also. Mix with warm water and a drop of liquid dish soap. Shake the mixture. Now our spray is ready for action.

Remedies to prevent spiders

spider web

  • We can switch the outdoor lights or change them to sodium vapour lights, since light attracts bugs.
  • Removing the unused materials in and around the home and also cover the unused things at home. Dusting them and rearranging them weekly or monthly may also help.
  • Placing sticky trap sheets also helps finding spiders presence but they help in finding alone not prevention and elimination.
  • We can also use pesticide of our own choice to the affected area and close all the holes and entry points for spiders to invade into our home.

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