How to kill a Black Widow Spiders?

Black Widow spiders are more venomous and scary. You could find them in most of the dark, undisturbed places in your home. Whenever it is cornered, or pressed, it may bite you and leaves infestations on your skin. This immediately affects your skin and lead to several diseases.  Learn how to deal with the black widow spider and get rid of them with the below techniques.

How can I find the brown widow spiders?

Black widow spiders, male spiders (usually harmless) but female spiders are very dangerous and causes immediate infections to your skin. Black shiny red-patterned widow spiders are easily being recognized.

Places where the brown widow spiders?

These black widow spiders are found in US. To seek shelter during cold climate, they are come out and disturb you.

spider in garage

  1. House yards
  2. Openings or holes
  3. Dark corners
  4. Store rooms or areas un-disturbed

Inspect all these areas because they lay eggs all around the home. So, do the below methods and kill the black widow spiders.


Method 1: Aerosol Pesticide spray

When you find a black widow spider, take aerosol pesticide (CB-80) and spray on it. Since it is very bellicose, usage of spray is harmless to us but very powerful to the black widow spiders. By repeating this for a week, you can keep family safe.

Method 2: Sprinkle Insecticide powder

Hiding spots of spiders such as store room, dark corners, garden and wood-piles should be sprinkled with the insecticide powders to get rid of them. This dust powders helps to kill all the spiders eventually.  Later, clean the areas and dispose them to the trash.

Method 3: LambdaStar UltraCap (9.7-16 OZ)

Easy to measure and mix Lambda-Star solution is effective and protects you from spiders. Mix the formulated solution with water. Spray this solution on the door corners, dark areas, window edges, garages, holes.

LambdaStar UltraCap

Method 4: Bio-Defense (organic pesticides)

Non-toxic, safe pesticides are easy to use. This will not irritate the users when they are encountered. This is an organic spray, used for preventing and protecting us from black widow spiders.

organic pesticides

Method 5: Peppermint oil

Mix the peppermint oil with water to dilute solution and spray it all-around the home. Spiders hate this natural smell and this is the best way to dispose them. They will never enter your home again.

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How to avoid black widow spider bite?

  • House cleaning is important to get rid of widow spiders.
  • Seal the holes in the window sides and all the openings.
  • Inspect your home completely and when you find the widow spider hiding, smash it off and clean the web.
  • Clean the spiders, their webs and egg-sacs by using vacuum cleaners.

What I have to do after being bitten by a widow spider?

  • Notice the affected area and avoid don’t touch the sores.
  • Keep your mind calm controlled when you are being bitten by black widow spider.
  • Treat your infected area with the help of hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Give first-aid treatment using ice cubes, then investigate with the doctor.
  • Knock down all the spiders effectively and kill them on the whole.


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