Why My Dog Is Not Eating?

I can’t accept when my doggy doesn’t eat and drink for the whole day, but she is behaving normally. This lethargic condition may indicate any hazardous disease. So you need to concentrate on the sudden loss of appetite. Sometimes this comes along with vomiting and lays anywhere then you have a double burden. In this article, i am going to explain the usual reasons for this problem to save your pet.

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Why does it happen?

There are a variety of reasons for a dog not eating. This condition is called as “anorexia”. A dog normally will eat only 60% – 70% food according to the instruction given in the dog food package. That may indicate a serious problem at times if it happens suddenly. If you witness that the symptoms are longing for weeks you need to go to the vet. Because your canine may have to undergo some medication to cure that.

Also, check your doggy may have dental issues.

Common reasons for your dog’s lethargy

  • Wound
  • Tumor
  • Pain in somewhere
  • Diarrhea
  • Also a digestion problem
  • Anemia

Sometimes it may become poisonous bites like a snake bite, scorpion bite. That may happen due to stress because of changes in the regular habitual activities.

As I discussed above it may be the symptom some hazardous diseases such as cancer, liver problems, kidney issues, and other infections. First of all, you need to know the reason for your pet’s lethargy. For that, you need your vet’s advice to save your pet.

What is the treatment?

If your canine doesn’t have anything for days means they will feed your pet via the syringe in hospitals.

You can try some remedies even in your home itself, like pouring warm water into your dog’s kibble. Even try to feed your dog with your hands or spoon.

Also, try to give small portions of food several times in a day. That may help to the digestive system.

Is it curable?

Yes, it is. You have to find what is your dog’s problem by consulting with the veterinarian. Also follow the medication promptly. Also, follow the diet instruction to get cured quickly.

Wrapping up

It will not always be the serious issue, so don’t worry just follow the instructions of your vet. And your dog will eat well soon, next, you will read an article on”why my dog eats much?’. Jokes apart are positive your pet will get well soon.

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