Best Non toxic, Organic Play Mat for babies

When your babies grow up they love to play a lot. So as a parent you will have concern over your babies in giving them a better product. This article gives you a list of non-toxic playing mat for your babies.

How to taking care

  • Don’t keep in direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from pets ( they may tear the mat).
  • Don’t use soaps, detergents your mat.
  • Don’t soak the mat.

Non-toxic playing mats

MyLine Baby PlayMat ($89)

MyLine Baby PlayMat

MyLine Baby PlayMat is good for babies. This is made of food grade material which is non-toxic and safe for your babies. As the mat is safe your babies won’t get any injuries if they fall down. The baby’s skin are so sensitive so that cannot withstand cold, this mat helps to prevent your babies from the cold floor.


  1. Verified by Consumer Product Safety Commission inspection.
  2. Easily cleanable.
  3. Hygienic, non-toxic and no smell.
  4. Water resistance and keep bacteria, germs, and bugs away.
  5. Educates your babies.
  6. Scientifically proven for visual development.
  7. It can be used in the kids’ room, playroom, and living room.

Corkimat by Pillobebe non-toxic playmat


Pillobebe company is good in making mats for babies which are non-toxic and safe for the babies. This mat is Organic, Eco-friendly, Anti-bacterial and made of non-flammable material.


  1. GOTS certified Organic Cotton.
  2. Waterproof.
  3. Handmade in the USA.
  4. Easy to use and carry.
  5. Made of bamboo, cork, and cotton.

Folding Mat ($43)

Folding Mat

Folding mat is easy to use and suitable for babies from 0 to grown up kids. It is safe for babies as it does not gives skin irritation and hypoallergenic.


  1. 1.6-inch thickness.
  2. Made of PU(Polyurethane)leather cover.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Water resistance.
  5. Size: 39.5 ins 71 in x 1.6 in
  6. Easily foldable (Tri-fold).
  7. Free from PVC, EVA, and VOC’s.
  8. Made of non-flammable materials.

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Panda Mat

Panda Mat

This mat is stylish and best choice for babies. Compare to other non-toxic mats it has a low price tag.


  1. Certified by Organic Cotton Cover.
  2. Made of 1” thick 3D spacer fabric core.
  3. Free Phthalates, Heavy metals, Formamide and Antimony.
  4. Fire retardants.
  5. Easy to use and comfortable.

Kutchu Children’s Play Mat ($159)

Colors available: Fresh green or summer violet.

Kutchu Children’s Play Mat


  1. Made of natural rubber and non-slip cushioned landing.
  2. Non-toxic and eco-friendly mat.
  3. Size: 130 x 168 cm and 5 mm thick.
  4. Easy to clean and wipe.
  5. Soft and comfortable.
  6. Made from a rubber tree.
  7. Certified by North-American toy safety standards.

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