Nulo Vs Taste of the wild: Dog Food Comparison

Love your dogs? So, you have some responsibility to take care of your dog. You should give some best food to your lovable dogs. Then you have to consider the food’s Ingredient Quantity, Product Safety, Brand History, Cost and Guaranteed Analysis. Because you think you should give some best food for your dogs. In this article, I will compare two foods which are Nulo Vs Taste of the Wild. You want to know more information about this product, read this article.

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According to AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), all pet foods have some nutrient. So, it must provide the maximum percentage of “Crude Fiber and Moisture” and minimum percentage of “Crude Fat and Crude Protein”.

Guaranteed Analysis of Nulo Dog Food :


                 Nulo        Dry Dog Food     Wet / Canned Dog Food
        Crude Protein          36.9%                 45.5%
        Crude Fat          20.3%                29.5%
        Crude Fiber          5.2%                 4.5%


Guaranteed Analysis of Taste of the Wild:


    Taste of the Wild        Dry Dog Food     Wet / Canned Dog Food
     Crude Protein          31.9%           45.6%
     Crude Fat          18.0%           21.7%
     Crude Fiber          4.9%           5.6%


Comparison of Crude Protein for Dog Food:

Protein is most necessary of your dog’s diet. It will prevent the dog from any health problems. If it does not have sufficient protein in the dog food, the dog will face some health issues. So everyone should buy the best food for your dog.

Nulo has high protein(36.9%) than Taste of the Wild(31.9%). So Nulo has essential protein. But Nulo and Taste of the Wild have an approximately same level of protein for Wet Dog food.

Comparison of Crude Fat for Dog Food:

In Dry Dog food, Taste of the Protein has less fat than Nulo. But the difference is approximately small. In Wet Dog Food, the Nulo also has more fat than Taste of the Wild.

The fat is small important part of the dog’s development and their activity. The fat will help your dogs to enhance the coat and skin health and reduce the inflammation.

Comparison of Crude Fiber for Dog Food:

Fiber will helpful for your dog’s regular bowl and it has fatty acids to prevent your dog from colon cancer and help to reduce the weight.

Taste of the Wild has less fiber than Nulo in the dry dog food. But in the Wet Dog Food, Taste of the Wild has more fiber than Nulo.

Price Comparison of Nulo and Taste of the Wild:


   Dry Dog Food         Nulo       Taste of the Wild
   Per Calorie        $0.0064            $0.0011
   Per Pound        $12.22            $1.85
  Wet Dog  Food         Nulo     Taste of the Wild
     Per Calorie      $0.0058        $0.0061
      Per Pound      $ 3.21        $2.82

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