Best Organic Baby Formula 2023

Breastfeeding is essential for every baby until they attain certain stage. Babies need more protein and vitamins more than breastfeeding. So, every mom wants more nutrients for babies, but they are scared of choosing organic formula for their babies. Baby needs breastfeeding at least for 1 year. It should be healthy, organic and non-toxic. This article provides you some organic and healthy formula that is safe for babies.

How to make this formula

  • Boil and cool 1 liter of water.
  • Pour the required quantity of water in sterilizer bottle.
  • 1 scoop of powder to 1 ounce of water.
  • Close the sterilized bottle and shake well.
  • Temperature needs 37 C ( Test temperature before feeding).

Non- Organic formula

  1. This is not good for babies, it may have pesticides, oil extract with hexane and also contains GMOs.
  2. The non-organic formula contains soybeans will not be good for babies as it gives your babies dairy intolerance.
  3. A number of phytoestrogens in blood show 13,000 to 22,000 higher while babies were given soy formula.
  4. Breast milk contains palmitic acid, but the non-organic formula contains palm oil (babies has low bone density).
  5. Contains DHA/ARA.
  6. Use of Synthetic preservatives and Synthetic Nutrients.
  7. Human milk sweetener is lactose, as the cow milk sweetener is expensive, the formula manufacturer uses plant sweetener like sucrose. This is not good for babies and was banned by the European Union in 2009.
  8. The formula sweeteners contain maltodextrin and glucose syrup solids.

Baby’s Only Organic Formula ($10.99)

Baby’s Only Organic Formula

Baby’s only is an organic formula that gives good nutrients to your babies.


  • Free from DHA/ARA. It is approved by FDA.
  • Made in the USA by family owned business.
  • Free from palm oil.
  • Free from GMO ingredients and Gluten.
  • No Synthetic Ingredients includes nucleotides and taurine.
  • Contains sweeteners which are organic lactose and brown rice syrup.

Holle Organic Baby Milk Formula


Holle Organic Formula was formed before 80 years ago. High-quality milk and 99% organic ingredients were used.


  1. Babies from 0 to 6 months. The quantity 14 ounces.
  2. Made of organic vegetable oils ( gives fatty acids for babies).
  3. Organic starch and maltodextrin took from corn.
  4. Free from palm oil.
  5. Free from Gluten, added sugar, preservative, and wheat.
  6. No harmful ingredients added (DHA/ARA, GMO).

Note: Not approved by FDA.

HiPP Baby Milk Formula($39.99)

This HiPP Baby Milk makes your babies healthy and strong. Hipp formula came before 50 years.

Suitable: 0-12 months.


  1. No palm oil, but contains coconut oil.
  2. Sweeteners are extracted from the plant.
  3. Contains high aluminum level.
  4. It can be purchased from Little World Organics.
  5. Contains Omega 3, 6 LCPs, GOS and Oligosaccharides extracted from Lactose.

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Topfer Lactana Organic Infant Formula

This Topfer is 100% organic infant milk formula. It was founded in 1911.

Suitable: 0-6 months.


  1. Free from unhealthy and coloring flavors.
  2. Manufactured in Germany.
  3. It has probiotics, DHA and ARA oils.

Side-effects due to a tinned formula

  1. The Canned or Tinned formula is always a bad idea to feed your babies.
  2. Though the formula is free from non-organic elements, it is not healthy for your babies.
  3. This is a dairy intolerance.

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