How to Overcome Love Failure Pain

The Pain of Love

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

—  Lucille Ball

Love gives you strong attraction and attachment towards opposite sex. Love is something that can only be experienced by your heart. It makes you feel as if you were living in a fantasy world, this is not successful for everyone. Not every love ends happily. Most of the love fails because of the ego clashes and misunderstandings. If your love is true, after a breakup you feel alienated and lose interest to cope up with outside world.

But don’t lose hope. One day everything passes away. The only thing that vanishes your pain just moves on.

Follow the steps given below to overcome your pain.

  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Seek counseling
  • Keep calm
  • Enjoy life and take care of yourself
  • Acceptance is must

Come out of your grief

Come out from your grief

Once you are out from your relationship, the world seems dark to you. You will start blaming the world and stay out from the society. The pain of betrayal is really heartbreaking. This makes you feel lonely and alienated. But don’t make yourself lonely and keep out yourself from the society. When you go out to mingle with the society/ friends, you may feel pain or grief inside which makes you separated. This is a slow process, it actually takes time.

  1. Make yourself strong and think that you can move on.
  2. Obviously, you will have the pain, but often don’t think about the breakup.
  3. If you feel like crying, cry until you feel better and come out from the grief.
  4. Don’t think about the one who left you, just think about the people who love you and need your attention.
  5. If you feel angry, just hit a punching bag until you feel relax and tired.
  6. Don’t keep your grief and anger within yourself which gives you trouble.

Mingle with your family and friends

Don’t let yourself feel alienated. Mingle with your family members and friends. Don’t keep your feelings to yourself, share all the hatred with your friends. Once you share your feelings, you get better relief.

  1. Talk to your family and friends.
  2. Make a trip with your friends.
  3. Go shopping and watch movies with your family and friends.
  4. Visit orphanage or old age homes.

Focus on your interest

Don’t think of your past love story. It stops your interest and makes you a lazy person. Be energetic and enthusiastic person so that you can change your mental illness.

Life lesson

  1. Learn how to love yourself.
  2. Concentrate on your hobbies.
  3. Be a motivator.
  4. Enjoy your freedom and life.
  5. Don’t contact that person.
  6. Read books.

Don’t lose hope in love

Don’t think that love is useless and it is full of pain. There are still some people who deserve your love. Once after the breakup don’t fall into another relationship. It gives much pain and troubles you with your past love.

  1. Give yourself some time to fall into another relationship.
  2. Think that something good is waiting for you.
  3. If your loved one’s treat you badly, think that they are not fit for your love.
  4. One who is by your side until the end is the person who loves you truly.
  5. You are lucky and not love failure because the one who broke your relationship is an empty person who does not fit for your love.


  • Take a diary or a paper.
  • Write your emotions and angry on that note.
  • Then throw your diary or burn it.
  • Now you feel better in your heart.

Everyone thinks that love failure is full of sad feelings and meant for mourning. Always think positively and hope for best. If someone leaves you that does not mean love failure. Think that God is trying to save you from the empty person who does not deserve your love. You are lucky that you broke up with that person. You can move on and stay happy with your family and friends. This page gives you some suggestion to move on. If you have any queries leave in the comment box.

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