Can I Give Pepcid AC For My Dog?- Complete Usage & Side Effects Like Diarrhea

Many dog parents will have whenever to start a new medication to their doggy. Even after considering with their vets they have a doubt on new medications. In some cases without consulting with veterinarian may try to start a new medication for an instant cure. However, it’s better to know about the medicine personally, before using it to your canine. In this article, I am going to discuss Pepcid AC, because many have the doubt whether they can give it for their dog’s stomach upset, or not.

Pepcid AC

Dog with medicine

Pepcid AC [ Acid Controller] or Famotidine also be prescribed by the doctors for dog’s stomach upset. So you can try this medication to your dog with your vet’s advice. Also, it used to cure your doggy’s Stomach Ulcers or Internal Ulcer. and esophagitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease[GERD], heartburn, acid reflux, so Pepcid is safe for dogs, but only for short-term use. This can rectify the acid level in your doggy’s stomach and some gastrointestinal problems will be healing by Pepcid.

Note: You should not use Pepcid AC or Famotidine for Pregnant & nursing dogs and dogs with cardiac disease.

How Famotidine Works?

Before knowing how Pepcid AC works you need to know about ‘Histamine’. Histamine is an element that released by the body which got injury and allergies. Even this may cause some severe things like abdominal cramps, at times diarrhea. To stop this many H2 receptor has been using in the medical world. One of those receptors is Pepcid AC or Famotidine. This helps to decrease those Stomach acids level. So your doggy’s Ulcer will be cured because of the lowered acid level.

How to take? – Dose level

You have to consider your veterinarian before trying this. If you are trying this Pepcid AC means you need to give it in “Empty Stomach”. Also, the general dosage of Pepcid AC for dogs is 0.25mg – 0.5mg per pound, you can give it two times a day. You should not give two doses at a single time.

Just follow your vet’s prescription. Also, you can ask your doctor when you have to stop this medication to your doggy. But mind one thing you should not exceed this medication for a long time without the proper advice from the vet.

You can store this medicine at room temperature & keep it away from heat and light. Also give the dose properly.

Symptoms to know

sad dog

Your dog may get some side effects. If you witness following symptoms after taking Pepcid AC, stop the medication and reach your vet’s help.

  • Nausea
  • Wheezing
  • Laziness
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Filthy breath
  • Lessened appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Seizures

Even overdoses cause some side effects such as hard to breathing, restlessness, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, red-colored mouth and ears and low blood pressure. Also check for dehydration also. If you gave overdose unknowingly and witness this kind of symptoms just take your Cutie to vet.


So far I have discussed Pepcid AC, it will be harmless until you provide it with care. Also, you need Veterinarians suggestion before taking this medication. If you give it properly your doggy will get cured of Stomach ulcers. If the stomach ulcer is severe one you should take your dog to hospital. So handle it with care, because after all, it is for your Four-legged Heartfelt. Also shower your love always to cure your babe too quickly.

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