Pet Safe, Natural Cat, Dog Friendly Roach Killers

Pets are becoming more common in our life. Every year thousands of pets suffer and many die due to accidental ingestion of household poisons, especially insecticides. If you are living with pets then your goal must be avoiding toxic pesticides at home. It is very important to use treatments that are safe. So you have to go for pet safe roach killers. There are some non-toxic and pet-safe roach killers out there.

Petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly

Pour a thin layer of jelly in open mouth container and attract the roaches by keeping the fruit peels near it. this will attract the roaches they come near the bottle and their legs will get stuck on the jelly. Next morning change the content in the jar.

Fabric Softeners

fabric softener

Mix fabric softeners with water in the ratio of 3:2 pour it in the spray bottle and spray over the roach areas as this mixture will make suffocation which leads to death, this leads to breathing problem.

Ammonia solution

ammonia solution

Add 2 to 3 cups of ammonia with a bucket of water. apply this mixture to the hard surface areas like bathroom kitchen cabinets and countertops. Its pungent smell will make them get away from those areas.

Pandan Leaves

pandan leaves

Pandan leaves also can be used as pet safe roach killers. Crush few pandan leaves and keep at those roach spotted areas. Its strong smell will cause irritation to the respiratory and nervous system of roaches.

Bay Leaves

bay leaves

These leaves also used like pandan leaves by keeping it those roach spotted areas to get rid of roaches.

Baking powderbaking powder

Mix equal amount of baking powder and sugar, keep it in those places where you find roach movements. This mixture will attract roaches and when they intake it, will exterminate the roaches by expanding in its stomach.

Cucumber Peel

cucumber peel

Cucumber peel is used to get rid of roaches, the smell of cucumber peel is allergic so the roaches will move out of that area.

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Essential oil

essential oil

An essential oil is also the best pet safe roach killers, these oils will give nice fragrance to your home as well as kick out the roaches out of your house in a pet-friendly way.

These are few pet safe roach killers that work out well. By following the tips you can kick out roaches from home, without harming your kids and the pets.

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