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When we are thinking about theatre suddenly two things will appear in front of us, popcorn’s next to the films. But going to the theatre with our loving ones also have evaporated along with this modern world. Now we simply enjoy the movies in our house itself. But what about our loving “popcorns”? For that, there are many popcorn machines we have to make the classic style of popcorn. In this article, we are suggesting you the best poppers which are impeccable to home theaters.

Is popcorn healthy

Absolutely YESSSSS. You know a whole cup of popcorn consists only 60 calories. So if you are in diet no worries you can eat a mouthful of popcorn with your family, when you are relaxing in front of the home theater.

First-rate poppers

Paragon TP-8 Theater Pop 8-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine ($159.99)

Paragon TP 8 Theater


  1. It’s an 8-ounce machine also 1250-watt kettle element
  2. It has 65 pounds heaviness
  3. That the perforated floor easily separate the kernel
  4. Also, it has heating elements and it produces the popcorn in monetary grade
  5. Fastest machine

Note: We can keep popcorn hot and can give at anytime


It has a three-year warranty.

Great Northern Popcorn 8 oz. Ounce Foundation Movie Style Popcorn Machine Top ($170.69)

Great Northern Popcorn

This model looks nice and has the best features. Popcorn kettle can hold 8- an ounce of kernels. Contains a small motor with an 820 – 860-watt burner


  1. It has 3 main switches to control heating features and stirring device and turn on the light.
  2. The prominent access door is made of polycarbonate
  3. Its tempered glass is used as safety side wall
  4. This machine has an easy  popcorn delivering by its front tilting door
  5. Bottom gets unstopped corn and helps to easy clean up
  6. Consists of permeate floor that allows unstopped kernels only
  7. 5 years warranty

Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop Old Fashioned 4- Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine ($165.82)



  1. It has a 600-watt kettle and consists 25 pounds.
  2. Reasonably fast popping
  3. Convenient to take it and go anywhere we want
  4. It has the perforated floor like other poppers
  5. Also, has a bottom warming tray

Great Northern Red Matinee Style 8 oz. Popcorn Machine ($138.57)

Great Northern Red Matinee

It is a flexible kettle popcorn machine. This machine has two designs, one is single counterpart design and  also come along with an accompanying pushcart for an authentic look and top has a clad in blazing red metal


  1. Also has a powder coated steel as tempered glass on the side walls
  2. Contains stainless steel kettle and keeps 8-ounces of kernels
  3. Needs 640- watts of power
  4. It’s big door and tilting panel can  make tasty popcorn quickly

Waring Pro WPM28 Kettle Popcorn Maker ($84.99)

Waring Pro

It’s a movable popper and weighs only 9 pounds. Also so strong because it has enclosed by shatterproof acrylic glass.


  1. Produce 10-ounce of popcorn with its 500-watt kettle element
  2. It has 1-year overall warranty
  3. 5 years warranty on its motor

FunTime FT2518SK 2.5-Ounce Rock’n Popper Hot Oil PoPcorn Machine ($72.00)

FunTime FT2518SK

  1. Small one will give classic popcorn that we want
  2. It has an 860-watt kettle element
  3. Very fast
  4. Also, it has a portable popcorn tray which is used as a bowl
  5. 1-year warranty

Great Northern 6210 POPHEAVEN Commercial Quality Style Popcorn Popper Machine ($271.25)

Great Northern 6210Its kettle can keep 12 ounces of kernels. To heat it using 1350 watts. Most of its part made up of stainless steel even the kernel drawer and the tilting panel also. Except for some parts, because they are made of strong tempered glass. It is a blue color machine along with stylish yellow text and also graphics

Paragon TP-4 Theater Pop 4 oz. Popper Popcorn Machine ($311.50)

Paragon TP4 theater

It has a shining red panel also yellow trademark stickers and sizes 23 inches by 16 inches.

Made of good quality plastic and aluminum


  1. Small in size and requires 1200 watts
  2. It has heating features in kettle
  3. The element in the heat up deck keeps the popped popcorn new.
  4. A cycle of popping takes 3-5 minutes.

Hamilton Beach 73310 Party Popper Popcorn Maker ($63.98)

Hamilton Beach


  1. It doesn’t need more place to work and easy to use.
  2. Apart from the conventional style, it has two individual oval parts that make it.
  3. Its bottom portion serves as serving bowl because it keeps the popped corn
  4. Kettle looks small but it can hold 5 liters of popcorn in one phase
  5. It dismantled to free the space and popping chamber made of high-quality plastic

Great Northern Pop Pup 2-1/2 oz. Retro Style Popcorn Popper ($54.98)

Great Northern Pop Pup


  1. Its kettle can keep 2-½ ounce of kernels
  2. Helps to save the place because it is small one
  3. Made of stainless steel, and also has stirring mechanism
  4. Keeps the popcorn warm by its warming light
  5. We can serve the popcorn effortlessly because the popped corn save in a big tray, it serves as a serving bowl
  6. It made upon flashing red plastic along with silver accents
  7. The 2 switches on the top controls the warming mechanism

Paragon 1911 Popcorn Machine Antique 8 oz ($628.16)

Paragon 1911

Easy and appealing. Has a classic carnival design. It made with dark red tones, blackened tapper top, signature sign in blue.


  1. Too simple and securing usage is formed with a combination of stainless steel and the tempered glass.
  2. Needs 1420 watts and aluminum kettle can hold 8 ounces
  3. Its routines are fast and shorter on
  4. Benchmark’s Silver Screen Professionals Popcorn Machine ($1,122.99)benchmark's silver screen
    1. It’s a new technical model and has a thermostat control to keep your popcorn warm throughout the film
    2. To clean perfectly it has a stainless steel frame
    3. It has an ‘old maid’ drawer to drain popped corns and avails in an 8-ounce model
    4. 14-ounce high-production model to make a large amount of popcorn
    5. Costs differ according to the size

    The Metropolitan Popper ($330.95)

    metropolitan popper

    1. Smaller one. It comes in 4-6 ounce also and inexpensive.
    2. 3 years warranty

    The Elite Classic Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Maker ($54.85)

    Elite Classic Tabletop

    1. To comfortably serve it equipped a portable tray
    2. Heating light to hold the popcorn warm
    3. Low cost

    How it works

    Kettle model poppers are much better than others to make classic popcorn that you need with a natural aroma. Because that the kettles keep the corn’s aura. The kettle has the warming element to cook. It can easily reachable. When you are preparing the popcorn, first you have to add some flavors, kernels, and oil. That the warming features has placed the stirring mechanical arm. That this arm catches all the unpopped corn in the kettle. This kind of poppers makes the popcorn uniformly popped. Also spread the flavor and oil equally to each popcorn. We should consider the heat of the kettle. Because much heat will crack the popcorn, while low heat stops burst evenly. You have to close the lid properly. Let the lid lose to get the effortless popping. It’s a time saving one.

    To consider

    There are some important things we have to consider while purchasing poppers for your home.


    First and foremost you have to keep an eye on the design. Also, take in mind about the space it occupies. If you are in search of the convenient along with good-looking popper choose countertop model. Because we can place this kind of poppers even on the floor and holds only a little space. Don’t worry about the way of working of this smaller machines, because they will work same like the larger poppers. On the other side, the bigger designed machines will look inventful. The carts inside of larger poppers are portable, also inspiring the buyers by its fixed up lamps, shiny colors, along with main wheels. If there is enough space to locate these poppers mean we can place them in the corner of your home theater.

    Size of the kettle

    The kettles should make ample amount of popcorn,  with easy cleaning facilities. The number of unpopped kernels held in the kettles is determined by its size. That amounts are calculated in ounces. Poppers have the kettles from 1-32 ounces.

    4-ounce kettle

    1. It’s elements like warming deck and simple cleaning are same with bigger machines
    2. Compact and well-built one
    3. It weighs 46 pounds
    4. Portable and it needs small space
    5. Lifetime warranty

    6-ounce kettle

    1. It weighs 62 pounds
    2. It can easily fit in your place
    3. Also, can produce larger amount of popcorn
    4. Reasonable cost
    5. It can serve larger groups

    16-ounce kettle

    1. Popcorn stays new for prolonged time
    2. 300 servings / 1 hr
    3. Produce popcorn for so many people
    4. 3- years warranty in Paragon.

One ounce of UN popped kernels can make one liter of popcorn. That the size of the kettle only determines the entire machine. Bigger kettles produce much popcorn than the smaller one. Kettles of 6-8 ounces are the perfect one.

What about energy?

Popper machines’ energy is measured in watt. Sometimes high wattage cause waste the energy also left more unpopped corn. Using low energy doesn’t mean that kind of popper is worthless. If it so that means the machine made upon cleverly to save the power. 600 watts machines are good for home theater. Choose the poppers, based on the cycle of popping and usage of power.

Quality of the Material

You should go with the good quality material. Most of the poppers have tempered glass and the stainless steel in fascinating style. This kind of materials ensures protection, effortless cleaning, and also flexibility to use. You have to look at the inner parts of the poppers such as metal elements, along with the quality of plastic in that.

At last…

We have so many reminiscences about the movies that we watched them in theaters while munching mouthful of popcorn. In this globalized world, we don’t even have the time to go out even for films. So home theaters are the essential thing nowadays. Choose the popcorn machines which is suitable for your home theaters based on your needs.

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