When Do Puppies Start Teething?

Puppies are the naughty  babies of your house, isn’t it?. Do you know how your cutie will suffer, during the teething? Yes, as like the human beings dogs too have the milk teeth. But the teething will start much before with puppies than us. Also, you should know about the puppy teething pain, and when they will lose their baby teeth. You may be confused at some odd symptoms of your puppy when it starts to chewing and biting things. These are all the result of teething.

Even I found the same signs from my 5 weeks old Tinu when she started to bite my shoes.  In this page, I am going to share my experience with you.

When teeth appear?

puppy teething

As we know puppies don’t have the teeth by birth. Between 3-4 weeks, the baby teeth will appear. You can see that, but those baby teeth are sharp and so tiny and cute too. Normally a puppy will have 28 milk teeth. From 3rd week onwards the teeth start to come out from the incisors of the puppy. During that time you can see the pointed tiny teeth. Even at the sixth-week molars and premolars, the tooth will come up. Within two weeks 18 tooth appears to my Tinu. But these milk teeth is not a permanent one as I thought first. Because I came to know that will fall down from 12 weeks. After that, the permanent teeth will come up soon.

Your puppy will get more pain and discomfort while teething as like human beings. As we discussed above during that period you can witness that your puppy will chew and bite the householding things. Normally your sandals will be the prey for your puppy like my case.

When did it stop?

In the eighth week, Tinu started to integrate with the outer world than before. Also, milk teeth have fallen down slowly. Then the permanent teeth came out to replace the empty space. That teething will cause more pain to your pup, so you have to make it cool in any situation. At 6th month, your pup will get whole permanent teeth. There are 42 to permanent teeth for a dog. Also, the milk teeth completely fall down. I was so happy when I saw the sparkling tooth of my Tinu.

How do we help?

puppy biting

Even after 6 months, I saw two milk tooth so I took her to the veterinarian. Because that may spoil the puppy’s teeth order. If the permanent teeth erupt along with the milk teeth means your puppy may get inconvenient while eating. So you should take his/her to a doctor. Fortunately, my Tinu’s milk teeth have removed carefully.

Also, everyone become aggressive when our puppy spoils some important household things. Don’t angry at your puppy. Because you know how it could be when we get new teeth. We all know that pain no? Also, you have to concentrate on your pup’s food. Even I can understand all these things after met my veterinarian.

Also, you should clean your doggy’s teeth regularly in order to avoid the bad smell and other diseases. You can get the brush and paste specially made for the puppies in the market. Choose the best for your baby after it gets whole 42 teeth. Also, do some gentle massage with a finger brush on the teeth will help the permanent teeth will set perfectly. Even that kind of things will soothe the painful gums.

To avoid biting inhibition you can use teething toys. I bought Kong toy and puppy key ring for her. There are variety of chew treats and chew toys in the market to save other household things. There are many types of toys are available too, like plastic, rope, and so on.

In an article I have read that frozen carrot, that will ease dog’s gums while teething. Even I follow this tip, so regularly  I gave one frozen carrot to my Tinu. The result was amazing. She liked it too.

Even mostly puppies like to shelter in an enclosed places. So you should be careful while choosing the playpens and crates.


Now you know the secrets of your puppy’s teething, no. I hope you understand the physical and mental changes of your pup during that time. My Tinu shows how important she is to me. With her existence, I feel happy. Now I don’t even think about the loneliness. Before wrapping this article, there are so many people who are in lonely. But you got the little pup to destroy your loneliness. So take care each and every little things of your pup.

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