Best Puppy Teething Toys (Keep them busy using Safe Chew toys)

There is no doubt puppies are so cute and lovable. But teething puppies are the one makes us get irritated by biting the things like shoes, furniture, and clothes. To avoid these kinds of issues, offer them with toys

There are a lot of teething toys that will help your dog to keep them busy by chewing it. As a dog lover or dog parent, one thing you have to do while buying teething toys for your puppies just search for best and safe teething toys.

The Best types

A rope toy –Rope toys seem to be the best option for teething puppies. But have a concern about its quality.  Some rope toys are made of thin fiber and this rope toy’s fibers will be swallowed by the puppies. This will cause puppies intestinal blocking.

Kong toy –This toy is another great option for teething puppies. It is fillable with water to freeze it that soothes the sore gums of pups. This toy cannot be destroyed.

A hard nylon toy  –This kind of toys is so perfect since its quality of indestructible. Choose perfect size for your puppy.

Treat toys –This toy is designed with the feature of adding treats for your puppy.  It is made of durable, non-toxic rubber.

The Best teething toys

Puppy Chew toys (from Kong)

Puppy Chew toys (from Kong)

These toys are produced from a long-lasting rubber that will stand for more time. This rubber is teeth-friendly. It cannot be destructed. It is recommended by some vets, dog experts, and trainers.

It is manufactured in a different size that depends on pup’s age and weight. Just make sure the size of this toy according to pups.

Puppy Key Ring(from Nylabone)

Puppy Key Ring(from Nylabone)

This brand, Nylabone is famous for safe and long lasting teething toys. This toy has some moving parts that can make puppies to be engaged with it. It has the variety of textures.

Raised bristles can clean pups’ teeth and also it prevents from the framing of tartar. This teething toy cannot be stuffed with foods and can’t be torn up.

Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone Wishbone chew Toy

This toy”s curved design brings it very smooth to hold and chew for the pups. This Benebone Wishbone toy is produced from the material of hard nylon. It comes in both flavors of peanut butter and bacon. This flavor on this toy lasts for a long time.

Don’t assume that this toy is edible to your pups since because it is flavored with bacon or peanut. So it is important to replace it when it starts to worn out.

N-Bone Puppy teething ring

N-Bone Puppy teething ring

This N-Bone toy seems to be not a long lasting one as other toys. But this toy will be helpful as a reliever for your pup’s teething pain and soreness.

It is edible and easy to digest. There are minerals and vitamins added to it. It is made of soft texture and this seems to be kind on pup’s sore gums.

This teething ring is available in both chicken and pumpkin flavor.

Flossy Chews 4 Knot Rope

Flossy Chews 4 Knot Rope

These Flossy rope bones are made of best quality cotton and it is affordable. The puppies will love to play with this. It is better one for your pups to chew. The cotton fiber helps to clean the teeth and prevents tartar formation.

Galileo Natural nearly indestructible bone

Galileo Natural nearly indestructible bone

This toy is mentioned as strongest nylon dog bone and helps to clean your pup’s teeth. And it comes with the mixture of gum massage and teeth cleaning that helps to maintain your pup’s mouth healthy.

It is advisable not allowing your pups for a long time chewing it because it could cause any other dental damage.

West Paw Design Zogoflex dog toy

West Paw Design Zogoflex

This toy provides hours of entertainment like the product Kong. It is made of rubber and latex. It is toxin-free and can be recyclable. It can be filled with treats. This toy has proven it is very strong.

Multipet Chilly Bone

multipet chilly bone

This chewing toy produced in two different sizes for small and large dogs. It is filled with a non-toxic gel that can be frozen fastly when placing it in the freezer.

This bone holds cold for  1 to 2 hours that will be a great time for soothing pups’ sore gums. When the bone gets warm just clean it with water and put it back in the freezer for using it next time.

Natural Antlers

natural antlers

These antlers are naturally included with high calcium, potassium, manganese, and zinc and it is enjoyed by all breeds of dogs. It also cleans the tartar. Try to pick perfect size for your puppy for not making your puppy to swallow it.

Puppy Goodie Bone(from Kong)

kong puppy goodie bone

The shape of this toy will make your pup to hold it better and chew it for a long time. It can be stuffed with treats in each end of the bone and can be frozen. This will keep your pup very happy for some time. It is made of hard-wearing rubber.

It is available in two different colors, blue and pink.

Tuffy’s Red Paw Print Ultimate Ring Tug Toy

tuffy's red paw print ring

This toy is the perfect one for throwing and tug. It will great for chewing and keeps your dog entertained. It is made of plastic, luggage material. It very hard and long-lasting. This toy is available in different types of shapes and colors

Kinds of Puppy Toys to Avoid

There are several kinds of that will be a suffer to your adorable puppy. So while choosing teething toys for your pup, make sure that it won’t cause any negative effects on your puppy. Toys that are manufactured with small or sharp metal parts considered as dangerous for the pups. As like this, the toys that are made of long strips or fibers, sheets of plastic film, cooked bones, thin and squeaky-type rubber toys, foam stuffing toys should be avoided.

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