Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food Reviews, Complaints, Ratings

To be a good dog lover, you should provide the best to your pup, so you must know the best dog food brands. Whenever thinking about the dog food, only some brands come in front of our eyes. One of those brands is Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food. Let’s explore that.

Pure Balance

Pure Balance Grain Free Dog food originated in 2012. Which becomes renowned for its great quality with balanced ingredients, that will provide the best nutrition to your four-legged friend. Also, the availability makes the customers buy it easily even most canines loved it too. That the price too affordable, even low while comparing with other leading brands. That’s why which has the good reviews so far.

In this article, we are going to deal with five famous flavors in Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food.

About the product

The name itself gives the proof that it is grain free dog food. Instead of fillers like corn and other grains they are using brewers and brown rice. Also which unquestionably provides much amount of protein to your doggy. They are using high-quality ingredients which ensures essential fat, carbohydrates, protein to your doggy.

This gluten-free dog food contains the elements which help your dog’s digestion.

There are many recipes in Pure Balance let’s discuss selected five recipes.  

Varieties of Pure Balance

  • Grain Free Chicken and Pea
  • Limited Ingredient Turkey and Potato
  • Grain Free Salmon and Pea
  • Wild and Free Bison, Pea and Venison
  • Superfood Grain Free Trout and Lentils

Pure Balance Grain Free Chicken and Pea

chicken pea

One of the best product in Pure Balance, because there are no grains like wheat, soy, corn, and so on. Also, the crafted ingredients help to balance the nutrition level of your dog. But there is no filler so it will go with your dog easily.

Also, there are no artificial elements like colors, flavors, preservatives. That the natural elements like chicken, pea, other ingredients in this will ensure the needed minerals and vitamins to your doggy along with the good immune system.

Main Ingredients

Chicken, Pea, Vegetables like Carrot, lettuce, parsley, watercress, celery, beet and so on. Even they are using Turkey meal, flaxseed and so on. As we discussed above there are no artificial elements in this. So you won’t worry about that.


One of my readers complains that his dog felt opposite reaction. If you see some symptoms like, dehydrated, whining, bloating, vomiting, you should change this choice of yours.

Ratings – 4

Pure Balance Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

lamb brown rice

This food is gluten-free, also rich in nutrition. It suggested because it has made upon with real lamb. Even the selected natural ingredients ensure the needed minerals and vitamins. You can choose it for your dog because there is no added preservatives, flavors, colors. This natural food will go well with your dog’s health. And the veggies in it will help to maintain your canine’s vital and immune system.

Most importantly Omega 3 & 6 in this will give your cutie glittering skin and coat. And other healthy elements like brown rice and all will aid in its digestion.

It is mostly preferred for puppies.


Lamb, Brown and Brewers rice, poultry fat,  veggies [ dried plain beet pulp, peas, carrots], dried egg product, sunflower oil, whole flaxseed, Rice bran and so on.


Some found vomiting and strange poop. There are no other issues with this. Many of the users find it is adequate to their doggy. Even they can witness the previous issues has disappeared after taking this. So I advise you to give a shot on it for your pup.

Ratings – 4.5

Pure Balance Grain Free Salmon & Pea Recipe

salmon pea

Normally this salmon and pea recipe will be the good aid for dogs which have food sensitivities, also this will protect the vision. Even this will take care of your dog’s heart. This grain-free natural food provides the essential minerals and vitamins with no added preservatives, colors, flavors. The main ingredient in this is salmon, so which can protect your dog’s muscles. Even the protein, carbohydrate, fat levels are on average in this dog food.

This is good for both puppies and bigger ones.

Main ingredients

Salmon, Dried ground peas, tapioca, fish meal, salmon meal, dried plain beet pulp, poultry fat, flaxseed, natural flavor, whole potato, dried carrot and so on.


Some of the customers never like the smell of the fish, they told the odor was horrible. Also, this may cause an unbearable gas. Other than this there are no other problems.

Ratings – 4.5

Pure Balance Wild and Free Bison, Pea and Venison

wild bison pea venison

In this one, they are using the real Bison as the main ingredient. Also, this grain-free food contains natural ingredients along with the added vitamins and minerals. That real Bison and real Venison help your dog to get perfect lean muscles. You can witness that your doggy will be more active with the selected ingredients in this. Even there is no added preservatives, colors, flavors. Even there are no fillers.

Also, the antioxidants in which ensure your dog’s immune system and heart’s health. If your dog has food sensitivity you can choose this.

Main ingredients

Bison, Chicken meal, Dried ground peas, Turkey Meal, Tapioca, Poultry fat, Pork Protein, Dried plain beet pulp, Venison, Sunflower oil, Fish meal, and so on.


Some of the dogs won’t like this flavor. Also, cause some stomach issues like sensitivity. Even few of the customers feel the price is quite high.

Ratings – 4.5

Pure Balance Superfood Grain Free Trout and Lentils

trout lentils

The super ingredients like lentils ensure the rich fiber, and the probiotics to help your dog with its digestion. You canine will get the shiny skin because of the elements like chia seeds, flax seeds. Trout is the main ingredient. Also, there is no artificial elements, fully natural one.

This food will give the perfect muscle and skin care to your doggy.

Main ingredients

Trout, Fish meal, Pea protein, Lentil powder, Dried peas, Chicken fat, Kelp Meal, Chia and Flaxseed, natural flavors and so on.


Some of the dog owners suggested that their dog never liked the taste of this flavor.

Ratings – 4.1

Other varieties to check  in Pure Balance

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Final thought…

I hope this page may help you to know something about Pure Balance dog food. However, you are going to choose the best product for your pet, choose wisely with our piece of knowledge. Just show your utmost love on your doggy’s food, because after your care he/she needs the food.

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